Sunday, October 01, 2006

100 Things About Jessica!

1. I am a wife.
2. I am a mother.
3. I enjoy creative things.
4. I love reading.
5. Can't live without coffee!
6. I enjoy writing.
7. Love Diet Coke.
8. Love my blank book.
9. I'm a library regular.
10. I frequent the bookstore regularly, too!
11. Love chocolate-- and have often skipped meals so that I can eat more chocolate.
12. I can quilt and sew.
13. I'm semi-fluent in sign language.
14. My definintion of semi-fluent means I used to be fluent, and I am out of practice.
15. I love my job, teaching is what I was born to do!
16. I'm currently learning about website development.
17. Some people call me a work-a-holic, but I think I'm just passionate about what I do.
18. I always want to give 100% in everything I do.
19. I get crazy when things are out of order.
20. I am tired a lot, because I work a lot and I usually do not stop until the "job is done".
21. I think I need to lose weight since I had my son seven months ago!
22. I often take on too many projects, in my mind sometimes I can do anything.
23. I want to learn how to knit socks.
24. For now, I will probably need simple directions on how to knit socks, as I'm only familiar with the stockinette stitch!
25. I love children's books.
26. I often check out many books from the library.
27. My family laughs at me because they know I'll never read them all.
28. I think my child is the cutest baby in the world.
29. I also think he is a genius.
30. My husband loves baseball.
31. i harbor a secret interest, but pretend not to care.
32. My son's name came from a baseball park: Camden yards.
33. I like starting new creative projects.
34. I have a hard time finishing my creative projects that are time consuming.
35. Example: I have two unfinished quilt tops and have started more quilt tops because I loved the idea and LOVED the fabric.
36. I can get lost in discount or hobby stores.
37. Sometimes I buy things I do not need.
38. I might need them sometime.
39. I hate clutter.
40. This often conflicts with my love of buying things I do not need.
41. I donate and give away A LOT of things!
42. I love giving gifts.
43. I hate waiting to give gifts.
44. Van Gogh is my favorite artist.
45. I own four prints of his paintings.
46. My most favorite painting of his is Starry Night.
47. I do not own a Starry Night print.
48. I like handmade gifts.
49. I like planning for Christmas early.
50. I love holiday food.
51. My husband is seven years older than me.
52. I still get butterfiles in my stomach when he looks at me a certain way.
53. I believe in angels.
54. I collect angels.
55. I believe everyone is put on the earth for a purpose.
56. I'm still not sure what my purpose is, but I think it has something to do with the field of work that I chose.
57. So I'm pretty much on the right track to discovering my purpose.
58. I love the smell of a new book.
59. I love cold mornings with hot chocolate and mittens.
60. I just learned how to play sudoku.
61. I think I'm addicted to sudoku.
62. I get mad at people who do not understand my creativity.
63. I want to make a quilt for everyone.
64. I wish my close friends shared my creative interests.
65. When I can't sleep, i think about future projects or creative things.
66. I like all types of music.
67. I get overwhelmed very easily.
68. I miss my alone time but wouldn't trade mommyhood for the world.
69. When I had alone time in college, I longed for a husband and children.
70. I'm a very good dieter, I've done it a lot... lol.
71. Even when I was thin, I thought I needed to diet.
72. And then I had a child... and learned the true meaning of "needing to diet".
73. My husband can eat anything he wants and he still weighs the same.
74. That makes me mad.
75. I think men have life very easy.
76. I miss college.
77. I miss high school even more!
78. I never understood what "mom's day out" meant..... I always thought "what's the big deal'......
79. And then I had a child, and NOW I understand.
80. I hate it when people tell me how to parent.
81. I really enjoy The Creative Mom podcast.
82. I have been inspired by all aspects of the show.
83. I love shabby chic.
84. Home decor is one of my hobbies. I have always considered myself pretty good at it.
85. I admit, it is harder on a budget.
86. I live for my summers off.
87. I am a huge fan of the Gilmore Girls.
88. My sisters and I get together every Tuesday night for "Gilmore Girls Night".
89. We usually eat way too much and laugh even more on Tuesday nights.
90. My idea of pure bliss is: a pedicure, lotioned feet, clean hair, a moisturized face, burt's bees lip balm, coffee or hot chocolate, a cold room, a cozy blanket and a great novel.
91. I don't spend enough time on myself now that I'm a wife and mom.
92. i'm slowly trying to change this.
93. I am happier when I have had some alone time.
94. I really envy my sisters, who are both in college- especially when they complain about how "bored" they are.
95. When I was in college, I was bored a lot too.
96. If only I had the drive to do things for myself then like I do now.
97. I adore my family, though.
98. My husband and my son are the most wonderful gifts that I could have ever gotten.
99. Camden looks exactly like I did when I was a baby.
100. My husband and I still write love "email" to each other.

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