Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kitchen Remodeling

Over the summer, I decided I was going to remodel my kitchen. I hated the yellow and white striped wallpaper. I wanted a change. (Also, I wanted to get rid of the tatouage fairy decals that I put on when I was pregnant. Note to all readers: NEVER allow a pregant lady to make decorating decisions! Don't get me wrong, the fairy decals are "cute"... but I think "cute" is not the look that you want in a kitchen.) At any rate, this project began. It was off to a great start in the "IDEA" stages... but once I realized what I big task taking wallpaper down actually was, I quickly found things to occupy my time so I wouldn't have to "work on the kitchen". I stopped taking the baby to daycare... I spent time reorganizing every part of my house, but I would not step foot in the kitchen. My husband kept telling me "I told you so"... "I told you it was a big task"... but I did not listen, he knows nothing and I know everything..... yeah right!

So today... today.... why did I decide to finally confess this today? Well.... my husband decided to work on the kitchen today. He said that Becca, a friend at work, told him that you did not have to actually take down the wallpaper... that you could just simply prime over it. What an idea. So, this morning, I got up and went to Home Depot, bought the primer and spent time mulling over the paint swatches (or swabs as my sister Leslie refers to them... haha!) There was a particular green that I wanted. Not a light green, not a dark green, but not a puke green, either. It is Starbucks green. (After all, my new kitchen theme is going to reflect my love for coffee!) However, I told the man at the paint counter that I wanted "Starbucks green"... and he gave me a look like I was crazy. (The old man probably didn't even know what Starbucks was!) I settled on a green... It is called "grape vine green". Behr paints certainly had a huge selection of greens, and I think this is the only green that was not neon, not puky, not too dark, or too light. It was just right!

My husband wanted to take before and after pictures... But my camera is not charged. It is not even anywhere to be found right now. I think I'll just take after pictures. :)

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