Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gilmore Girls Episode: "Knit, People, Knit!"

Tonights Gilmore Girls Episode was titled "Knit, People, Knit!" ...Lorelai was knitting for the knit-a-thon! I thought that was so awesome. It reminds the world that KNITTING IS NOT JUST FOR OLD LADIES! Hahaha! Her creation was a beautiful blue variation of color. She commented about her slippery needles-- that she kept dropping stitches because of them. THEN, the knit-a-thon knitters met a Luke's diner. Way cool. I wish I could have went. There were people everywhere knitting in Luke's diner!!! :)))) UNTIL, Luke declared his diner a "knit free zone" and demanded that his customers "stop knitting or get out". Well then! I think he was just mad, because seconds before his blow up and rant about knitting, he saw Lorelai with Christopher.........ugh. I probably would have yelled, too. He didn't mean to take it out on the knitters... He is just hurt. Deep down he knows he'd love to have a woman (Lorelai!) to knit for him. I think he would look great if he replaced the backwards baseball cap with a knitted beanie. :) Later, the knitting moved to the Stars Hollow "green" -- middle of the town near the gazebo where the knitathon was to take place. There, they had a big festival where everyone was knitting to raise money to save the bridge... a very cool idea. Everyone sported their fine handknitted wear... Taylor in his matching azure sweater, scarf and hat, Kirk in his maroon hat, scarf and gloves, and everyone in so many colorful and beautiful knitted garments. Then... to add to my hatred for Christopher, he ended the knitathon by donating the money that they were looking to earn, thus ending the knitathon. Lorelai was mad... she said "where is the love of knitting just for knittings sake"... awesome quote... I loved how she tried to explain to Christopher that the point was to "save the bridge with knitting". She got onto him for flashing his money around. It took away from the small town charm. Other cool things at the knitathon included a "hand massage" booth, two gigantic balls of yarn, and two gigantic knitting needles which marked the entrance to the "knitathon". (I LOVED Lorelai's baby blue knitted scarf by the way!)

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Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

Although I am not a knitter I wish I was. I would love to learn. All the women in my family either knit, crochet, or quilt. I got jipped on the lessons. :-P