Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lily in Watercolor

Lily in Watercolor
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I picked up some watercolor pencils at the Art Supply Store today. I had been wanting watercolor pencils for so long and I finally made a special trip today to get them. I was excited to enter an art store where everyone in there shared a common interest. It was like surreal. There were people browsing the display case of Moleskine journals, people looking at pens and asking to try out different colors. Women in paint splattered smocks and frizzy locks tied up with scarves roamed the aisles, sipping their Starbucks and looking at all of the new beautiful displays of art supplies. Old men, young men, young women and old women alike were there-- looking at canvas, sketchbook, watercolor, photography, etc. It was amazing.

So, here's Lily in Color! She was only my second attempt at doing watercolor... so I have a bit to learn... :)

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