Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sister: My Photo Friday Submission

Sister, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

I took this photo of my sister with her foot propped up in the car-- we were on our way to the mall in Fort Lauderdale, and we just happened to pass a flower stand on the corner of Pine Island Road and I-595. I didn't intentionally get the floral stand, but when I saw that I had captured it, I knew I had a gem! My sister will appreciate the beautiful photo and of course that her toes are painted PINK!

It is so like this sister to be part of such a perfect shot. This wouldn't have happened to anyone else! She NEVER takes a "bad" photo... she's so photogenic. Even her feet! :)


Amy said...

So, I meant to ask on Flickr... were you DRIVING when you took this? I thought about it after the fact when thinking about the blur of the flowers.

Mrs. Chapman said...

Hi Amy! No, I was in the back seat with the baby and my other sister was driving. I'm not that talented! Actually the entire photo was an accident. I was just being goofy and photographing her foot. And I captured the flower stand!