Sunday, January 21, 2007

Walking for One Week!

I've completed week one of WITW by Julia Cameron.
...and a busy and creative week it has been. Here's a line up of what I've accomplished this week on my creative journey:
1. I completed the Valentines Cards, see previous post!
2. I made my own version of a Wee Wonderful
3. I sewed the borders on a quilt top and have big plans to finish it soon!
4. I completed the CMP prompt of the week "Color My World"
5. I completed the Illustration Friday prompt of the week "Super Hero"
6. I did my "morning journaling" four out of the seven days this week.
7. I took some beautiful close up shots of my flowers and the fall leaves in our neighborhood.
8. I took myself on an "Artists Date" as suggested by my WITW study group, I went to the fabric store and was VERY inspired! :)
9. I did some random sketches in my moleskine, some good, some not so good... but drawing is therapy, so whether or not the end result is fab or drab, it's the process that soothes my soul!
10. I (of course) took some wonderful photos of my little one and did some digital scrapbooking!
Wow... ten things! So, if you're impressed by this list, maybe YOU should check out Walking In This World by Julia Cameron and see if it changes your life!
**Author's note: I work full time as a teacher and have an eleven month old son... so although ten very creative things were accomplished this week, the laundry has piled up and my husband cooked last night and did most of the cleaning this week. Thank goodness for him!


Teri C said...

Great recap of your week! Congrats on getting so much done. Good feeling isn't it!

Amy said...

An amazing and productive week, Jessica. You should add that you must have posted a few dozen photos to flickr and commented on twice that many!!! I'm glad week one was good. I hope the path you walk this year and through the book is wonderful and illuminating. And, yes, sounds like your husband is a champ about it.

vickie pellouchoud said...

Oh wow, how do you DO it!!!!???? A fantastic week. Very creative.
Great when the hubby cooks huh?