Monday, March 05, 2007

MarchATC "A space of my own"

MarchATC "A space of my own", originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

MarchATC "A space of my own"
CMP March Exchange: A Space Of My Own. I HAD to do something like this, because as a mom sometimes it feels like I need to be a thousand miles away to have my own space!!!!! The card is dimensionally sound... it just looks strange because of my camera angle... and I did this angle so I could get my mini book and pen that is inside the hammock! I created this from cardstock, magazine clippings, ribbon, brads, paper, stamps and stick-on letters. The gold brads are supposed to be "twinkle lights"... and I WANTED to put a tropical drink on here but couldn't figure out how to do that............... So here it is!

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Sara Wright said...

I love it! Boy does that theme hit home for me.