Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Sick Baby and An Irritable Husband

Right now I have a sick baby and an irritable husband. When you mix the two, it makes for an unhappy mommy! I've been home with Camden the last few days because he's been sick. It's no vacation, I'll tell you that much! I've worked harder the last few days than I do at work... and I'm a hard worker at work let me tell ya! So, at night, I've been sleeping like a log, which is where the irritable husband comes into play... Joe has been up at night with the baby and then going in to work (and job interviews) on little sleep, so he is pretty much as irritable as irritable can get... and I am too, so we're just all having a rough time now! I have all my craft supplies strewn out all over my kitchen table in *hopes* that I can snag a moment here and there, and I haven't been able to...... so there they sit......... in a heap of a mess! Maybe tomorrow!

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vickie said...

i'm so sorry this is going on....well I hope it's over by now...sick children, it doesn't get any worse!!!! I hope you're over the hump and getting some time in for you.