Monday, March 12, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures
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Tide Simple Pleasures Vanilla & Lavender. I love this stuff. Love it, love it, love it. I know what it smells like, but each time I buy a new bottle, I unscrew the cap and sniff it like I've never smelled it before. (And I feel totally comfortable doing this because no one in the store KNOWS that I buy this scent and have since it came out... so it does not look strange that I'm *sniffing* it.) It smells WONDERFUL! What could be more wonderful than a field of Lavender with a hint of Vanilla? It's like having a Starbucks Vanilla Latte served to me in the middle of a Lavender Farm. AND of course the purple bottle. It's just... pretty! AND I love the commericals that they use to advertise this stuff... This One is Sweet (Love the Song!!). And... this one..., because who does not love a vintage commerical? *AND* because this is the "ocean of creativity" I felt like I just had to use this one!

"What a wonderful sight when your wash is done, the cleanest clean under the sun..." (Love the song but still waiting to see the sight of ALL THE WASH done!)..........

My Mt. Everest of laundry is now a smaller, flatter mountain. AND my husband actually put laundry AWAY yesterday. We're getting somewhere. Yay!

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