Friday, March 23, 2007

There is something WRONG with the world when...

You call your child's doctors office over and over again to explain
that he is sick and leave message after message (stating his FULL name,
date of birth, time you called and number you can be reached at within
the next 30-minutes--YAHRIGHT)... and then NEVER get a call back. We
called Tuesday when we were all sick. No call back. We called
Wednesday. We called the after hours staff on Wednesday night when he
was continually puking over and over again. No call back. I called
today. Still no call back. NO CALL. Not a SINGLE call back from even
ONE of the numerous messages left. (You know, cell phones document
these things, so YOU KNOW if they called and you just "didn't hear it",
or "couldn't get to the phone"...... right! So today I debated about
marching up there, and decided that I shouldn't. Knowing me I'd fly
off the handle and I would probably say things that I shouldn't say in
public. My goal: To find another pediatrician-- FAST! And... can you
report these things? Does anyone know? It's really irritating to have
a sick kid and to go through this... all the while feeling like my
hands are tied. I mean, I PAY for healthcare... shouldn't I get it?
What's the opposite of care? Don't care? Ok, so I'm paying for
Healthdon'tcare. That's a nice way to spend money. I can just hear
the echos of my elders... "A good healthcare plan is a must!"...
yeah.... it is... I have the plan but no action. What's a plan without
any action taken? A healthcare what? Ok I'm rambling.

So, on to the next reason why I love this world we live in.

I got into a car accident the day before my birthday... January 24,
2007. Yes it was *technically* my fault, but I SWEAR the other guy was
speeding and I was driving slow as Christmas. *But we won't go
there...* Where we WILL GO is to the repair shop... UNIVERSAL
COLLISION, and the lovely CAPITAL EUROCARS -- hmm, more about Capital
Eurocars later, when I have more time... there is a history there!!!
SO my car is at UC and CE for repairs. UC being the main people in
charge. It was dropped of Feb. 5 -- and I JUST GOT IT BACK TODAY!!!!
They promised it would be ready over and over, to no avail...
meanwhile, the wonderful Florida weather turned from nice and cool to
hot and ... da da da da da daaaaaaa HUMID! AND the lovely rental car
decided to NOT HAVE A WORKING AIR CONDITIONER... which I didn't notice
right off the bat on account of the weather. Well, today was a good
day because we got the call.......and finally it was REALLY ready! So
I went to pick it up and I was happy... oh how I missed my car... with
the leather seats and the driving ease. Yes, VW's are FUN cars to
drive (in comparison to others,
*ahemRENTALSWITHNOAIRCONDITIONERahem*)... and I was glad to have MY CAR
BACK. So, I was happy-- happy as I could be-- I came home, had dinner,
put the baby to bed, and went to Publix. Where I NOTICED that the BABY
da-da-da-da......... M I S S I N G!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, NOT THERE! I had
a cow right there in the Publix parking lot. People were looking at me
as I stood there, staring into my trunk *like I had just found
something that belongs on the set of CSI saying ohmygodohmygodohmygod,
all the while fumbling in my huge mamma purse for my cell phone.... TO
So I called him... I said "Hey..... we've got a problem. He goes
"UHHHHH, WHAT?" ... and I (calmly) say "The stroller isn't in the
trunk.... and it WAS in the trunk when I dropped the car off to the
body shop. And he said "OK?".... "So?".... "It's a stroller, big
deal."..... and I'm thinking BIG DEAL? BIG DEAL? BIG DEAL????? YES
it's a big deal!!!! ... and he went on to say how I didn't really use
it that much... and blah blah blah, but whatever. It's MY stoller that
I planned on using for future babies and that HIS Nana had bought for
us... and we have the matching baby seat, and it's the perfect shade of
green.... and it's MISSING... and how are we going to PROVE that it was
there, and my mind was racing as I'm wondering what to say next. So I
didn't say anything, I called my mother in law who also loves to bitch
about PEOPLE and who would understand. And she did. And she added in
her "story of the day" and we made each other feel better. That was
that. Man I hope we get the stroller back. (I wonder if my husband
would be upset if, say, his BASEBALL GLOVE was missing out of the car
when we got it back?!) Oh, I hear him talking in my head about how THAT is more important than a stroller............. hahhaha, MEN!

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Amy said...

Oh my... I'm cracking up now after reading this whole thing. But, first, I'm VERY sorry to hear about the healthcare thing. I have to say that here in SF, we've gotten sort of used to the fact that we don't have Little House on the Prairie doctor service like we might want. But I know other people do. So I'm sorry that you don't. After hours, we'd have immediately had to go to the ER; urgent care is open during regular hours. IS HE OKAY NOW??? Seems like it's been going on a long time. So, I'm hoping things are showing signs of improvement.

Now, as for that stroller... (and, wow, I can't believe news of the accident - even a "not my fault" one didn't make it into a journal page that I'd have seen at Flickr!)... that is just too funny. Not that it's gone, of course. But your husband's reaction to it is priceless. Glad to hear though that you have a good mother-in-law!