Sunday, April 08, 2007


SO.......One of my husband's deepest darkest secrets is that he cannot
"tie" a "tie". Yes. He is 32 years old and cannot. His Pop has been
tying them for him for at least 20 years. His Pop ties them, and then
Joe just pulls them over his head to get them on... the only time this
ever is a problem is when he pulls it too much and the lower part of
the tie comes out of the knot. So, each time we get him a new tie or
two, we have to take them with us to Panama City Beach to get them
"tied". Funny, but Joe has been doing this for YEARS so it does not
seem like that big of a deal to him... but I've always just said "you
gotta learn!".

Tonight, Joe was fussing that he had no ties to go with one of his new
suits. He DOES have ties to go with that suit, but none that are
"tied"!! We discovered with his last tie purchase that they actually
put a little card with a diagram on "how to tie a tie". We both
laughed and I tossed it in his top drawer, thinking that he "may"
decide to learn someday. Awhile back, my mom actually found directions
online and sent them to us. We didn't end up trying it then.

Well... tonight was the night! He was irritated enough when he was
laying out his clothes for tomorrow that he did not have a tie to wear
and not knowing how to tie one of the ones that would go perfectly,
that he grabbed that little card (that I saved) and laid on the bed
trying to do it. "It's all repetition, really, I just gotta master it"
he said. "Maybe you should go in the bathroom so you can look in the
mirror", I suggested. "OK" he said, and off he went, in his green
striped Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, no shirt, and the tie and card in
hand. He came out a few times, with no success... but kept going back
in to work on it. A few minutes later, he came out and said "F'in
mirror!!!!!!" -- obviously overly frustrated because he had just tied
his tie -- but it was completely backwards/upside down because of the
difference in the mirror... (which was of course hilarious to
me!!!!)........ Then he went back in and TRIED it again........ and at
8.20pm, he came out and HAD IT TIED!!!!! Grinning, still in his boxer
briefs and no shirt -- but now wearing.............. a tie........
(hilarious!), he said "I DID IT, I DID IT"........ Like a kid. Soooo
funny~! But, I'm very proud!!!!

So, with a little more practice, I think he's finally got it!

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Stephanie said...

Hahaha! Cute story! I am so happy he figured it out!!!

How to Tie a Tie said...

the secret is out now...
Most people don't know how to tie a tie. By the time you need to know you are living with a bunch of guys drinking beer. Learn how to tie a tie here and be done with it.