Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I just posted a long comment on Amy's Blog. Instead of continuing there, I decided to come here...

Real. It means natural as opposed to artificial. "Made with Real Fruit." "Contains Real Sugar." "Real Butter." -- Yes, the good stuff. So, what exactly is real? It's natural-- it's not fake, not made up, it's truth. So, I guess the phrase "real truth" is redundant. Can there really be a "fake truth"-- wouldn't that be a "lie"?

One of the things I like most about people is that they are real. Not fake, not made up, not artificial. They are real with me. Those that are real-- are genuine (those words mean the same thing). They make us feel good because we know that we're not the "only" ones going through certain things.

I like that the CMP Group is made up of women (and men, hi Ryan!)-- that are REAL with each other. We admit mistakes. We tell what we hate. We photograph art in progress with a mess behind us. Cheryl wrote on her blog about an emotional birthday-- turning 36. Amy is always real with us!! French Toast Girl once wrote to me that she remembers stepping OVER the laundry piles to get to her artwork, and she learned to not let it get to her. Then, the fact that she was _sharing_ that with me MEANT something. It meant she was real. It meant I'm not the ONLY one with laundry piles and when faced with the decision to do art or laundry, art would be the winner. Real works. Real counts. Real is what kindles friendships. Which is probably why I feel a connection with so many of the CMP groupies-- not to mention we share many common hobbies and passions!

So, this... one of my most favorite excerpts:
From The Velveteen Rabbit:
"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."

"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.

"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."

"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?"

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in your joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

-- by Margery Williams, from The Velveteen Rabbit --

Helicopter - Wide View

Helicopter - Wide View, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Memorial Day- Lakeside. I drew this helicopter that is memorialized at Lake Ella. Still needs paint, but that will come later.

June ATCs in Progress

June ATCs in Progress, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Yes, I've already started my June ATCs. The theme for June is "At Water's Edge" ... and I'm so excited because I get to experiment with MERMAIDS! I had my sewing machine out this weekend, and I knew I wanted to try ATCs and fabric... so I was able to begin. These are still a work in progress... So they're not DONE yet!

Just a quick post today-- I have a whole list of housework that I need to tackle. *UGH!*

Eye appointment at 3.30-- because suddenly, I cannot see! (My eyes are already pretty bad, my contacts are -6.25 in each eye... Yes, I'm blind!) -- So we'll hopefully get this vision thing solved-- I need my sight!! :)

Then off to the library -- I have lots of books on reserve-- and can't wait to get my hands on them! -More about those later.

My chore list is soooooo long and soooooo overwhelming, but my work schedule has been so slammed I haven't had a second to do much around here! So, today's the day.

Now, If I can just get up off this computer and go do it-- the quicker I get it done, the quicker I can have F-U-N............... Ok, bye for now!

Added Later: I do need to mention that Amy and I had discussed doing Mermaid ATC cards when we found these awesome mermaid ATCs. Then, since 'mermaids' is not a broad enough theme, Amy decided on "at water's edge" for the June ATC theme-- which is all encompassing no matter your "water" facination. Last summmer, The Mermaid Chair was a book that I recommended to Amy after hearing that she read A Secret Life of Bees and liked it. We bantered back and forth about the mermaid on the Starbucks logo, etc. Check out this awesome site on the evolution of the Starbucks mermaid, if you're interested: STARBUCKS MERMAID (Notice how the logo has become more modest-- wouldn't you think it would be the OTHER WAY AROUND?!!!!) So, these mermaid cards... yes, you will be seeing more! :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Crummy Days, Helicopters and Magazines

Crummy day today-- I've been in an awful mood and have no idea why-- Maybe it's because Camden continues to get up at 7am? Maybe it's because I was jealous because Joe got to sleep in until 9.30? Maybe because Camden was cranky all day and we were supposed to meet up with friends for a Bar-B-Que but because he was cranky and I was cranky all we did was wallow in our own self pity all day.... Maybe it's because last night I didn't feel like cooking so I picked up Sonny's BBQ for us-- and the lady only gave me half of my order, so I had to go back, and then when I went back she still forgot my drinks, and I forgot the drinks too, so then I had to stop at a fast food chain for drinks, and the woman filled up the drinks to the top until they overflowed, put the lid on and then tried to _hand_ the drinks to me though the window-- dripping wet everywhere, and when I asked for a napkin she scoffed. I wanted to throw a fit right there. I wanted to toss the drinks back at her so she could feel the syrupy wetness drip down her arms, too. But, I didn't. I just came home and shared this all with my husband-- I ranted-- I went on and on. I finally told myself to shut up because it was so negative. And here I continue... and why? Because, today, Joe picked up lunch for us, checked the bags quickly and came home-- WITHOUT my main course... So we each had a baked potato and shared the chicken, because they FORGOT mine. So today we vowed to eat at home unless we're going to a sit down place. No more picking stuff up on the fly. -Which sucks for me, but probably will be better for our health. I need to call Rachel Ray.
SO MIDDAY I had to go to the grocery store. YES, I went yesterday, but I've been doing these "mini-trips" instead-- so ANOTHER trip today-- and a side trip to Books-A-Million on the way home to run in and pick up this:

The new issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS!!!! This is an awesome magazine! Amy recommended it awhile back and I just now finally decided to get it. I immediately flipped through and my most favorite part?
Was this:

Since I've been knitting and teaching myself to knit lately, this really touched my heart and I instantly WANTED one!
I also loved the section on creative journaling:

Seeing as I've been drooling over people's moleskine photos on flickr, while mine continue to look awful!!!
.... but maybe I've broken the cycle! For a little Memorial Day spirit, I took my cranky baby on a drive this evening to get him to sleep and ended up at Lake Ella, where I sketched a helicopter that they have situated there as a memorial. So, I sketched a Memorial on Memorial Day. -- and I'll post a picture later.

So, a crummy day turned better through art!!! ...but I still think I owe my husband an apology for the beeotch that has ruled the roost the last few days. Sorry, hon. Love you!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

April Replacement ATC

April Replacement ATC, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This ATC is going to Kritty in CA! Enjoy!

Found Forgotten Fabric!

Check these out... aren't they pretty?

Here is a CLOSER look:

So... what do you think? What should I make out of them? They are all heavy duty-canvas-style... nice stuff! I am thinking large pillows for my living room... or maybe someone's living room if I ever get to open an Etsy shop! My hubby suggested I use it for my Etsy headbands that I've been talking about *but still haven't tackled yet*... I'm guessing he does not understand the correlation between "house fabric" and "wearable fabric". This fabric, I wouldn't wear... but I guess there is some wearable fabric that you can use in the house. Strange. Stuff.

Anyway, here are the details on one of the Found Forgotten Fabric selections:
The black background with flower pots is called "melanie" by Wilkinsons (Same as photo but with a black background instead of a yellow.

The other two are by Wilkinsons, too... :)

Drawing, First Words and To Dos.

If you draw, and are trying to become better-- DO NOT TAKE A "BREAK" from your daily drawing! I haven't drawn anything GOOD since my May 12 Banana drawing. I have done a couple of "simple" things but they came out HORRIBLE! I'll probably NOT even post them to the CMP flickr group-- they were that bad. I don't know if I was rushed, or if it was because I was sitting on the couch and not at the table, or if there were too many things going on around me. All those things aside, I have not been practicing each day like I have WANTED to do, so I haven't been getting any better. I've actually been getting *worse*. So, one of my summer goals is to draw *each day*, no matter what my goals for the day are, I need to get in journaling and drawing time! *SO* -- Question. What do YOU do when you draw something HORRID in your moleskine or sketchbook? Do you just leave it, so you can look back and see how far you've come? OR do you do "something" with it? It really bothers me that I have this one page that is soooo bad, smack in the middle of the book. Answers please?

In other news, Camden decided to get up at 7am this morning, so he and I have been up since then. We've already had breakfast, I've had two cups of coffee, he's had two cups of juice, we've read books, we've played pillow fight, we've watched Sesame Street (now, Barney) and we've looked at pictures on flickr, while he named what they are. I was flipping through Amy's new images on flickr, and saw the lovely photo collage of her son, just about the time I was admiring her awesome photography, Camden walked up beside me, saying "MEEEE" (which means pick me up!), So I picked him up and he pointed to the screen and said "Baby!"... Which was SO FUNNY! Any little kid is a "baby" to him. So then, we looked up cows, dogs, puppies and other animals on flickr so he could see the pictures and we could say the words. He has learned to say MMMMMM for "moo" when we ask him what a cow says. He has learned to say "arf" for a dog when we ask him what a dog says. And today, he said "puppy" for the first time. We were looking at photos of dogs and there was this adoreable puppy, and I said "awww, look, a puppy!"... and he said "Pup-eeeeee!".... SO COOL!

Ok, well I'm off to make some ATCs that I was supposed to make last week, but got tied up at work and never left early like I had planned. I have to get them done today and out in the mail ASAP :))))

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Knitted Washcloth

Knitted Washcloth
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
I used this pattern from knitty: BACK TO SCHOOL WASH CLOTHS

I still haven't embroidered the words yet. I'm not in college so I don't think I'm going to use 'party' and 'study'. Maybe if I make a set for my two sisters, who are still in college, I'll use those words.

This was really fun to make. I loved doing the basket weave stitch. It's not 100% perfect, but these first projects are just to learn the different stitches so I'm not going to make myself crazy by making them perfect. Nor am I going to use nice yarn to do so. This is extra soft cheapy stuff... good for practicing :))

Cleaning and Podcast Listening...

Anyone else listen to podcasts while doing housework? It really makes my cleaning responsibilities a little more bearable. I hear so much about people listening while drawing, painting, knitting... I don't. I'm usually out of podcasts by then, because I've listened to them all while doing laundry, picking up toys, doing dishes, scrubbing floors, tubs, and all those little handprints of banana gunk left on everything. SO THAT'S what I'm doing today. Just talked to DH, he is at Home Depot buying sod. WooHoo... a grassy backyard is in our near future! So, I've been cleaning... but also working on THESE... and will post a photo SOON :)!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday is my Favorite Day!

It's FRIDAY! YAY! I love a good Friday, topped with visions of weekend goodness. Teacher planning days are always so laid back which is why I LOVE THEM! We had our promotion/retention meeting yesterday, so got that out of the way early, and on to our little 'end of the year fun list'-- averaging grades, organizing books, organizing closets, cleaning. The fun stuff that says "I'm almost done." - Unfortunately this year I have a little more to do for our magnet program-- but that's ok because I'm going to get it all done and by Wednesday of next week I'll be ready for a fun filled creative summer! I'm already making big plans in my agenda book! So, despite the fact that I didn't feel well this morning, and despite the fact that my cell phone fell in the toilet this morning (slid off the counter, right in!) -- I had to go in and get it-- luckily there was *just water* in there :)))))))))))))))) ...and that I had to spend time waiting in line at Sprint! *Despite those facts, I'm doing just fine.* I'm about to grab a bite to eat, change my clothes and run up to the book store and look at some knitting books, I really want to see those knitted cupcakes that I remember Amy talking about awhile back.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Behr Paint

Which color do you like? Sweet Rhapsody is my favorite right now. (THIRD one in, THIRD one down.) (OR just click the link to see it!) Amy wanted to know what it looks like... we'll see if this works. I'm going for a 'beachy-yet-homey-and-relaxed' feel. (How'd you guess).

Oh... to look like this again!

Uncle Dan, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This is me before BABY... and now that we're thinking about another baby, I'm looking at this picture longingly! I have the summer to shape up BEFORE pregnancy. Anyone else think I'm nuts?

This is my brother-in-law, Daniel, who used to call me "his girl", then we had Camden, and it's all about "baby Camden" now. Hehehe! Uncle Dan is the BEST Uncle!

Birthday Thank You Postcard - Front View

A postcard that I made to send out after Camden's first birthday party. I'm saving this one because I can't believe how silly this smile is and how much he has grown in only three months! Check out more about Camden at his site!

Voyage of Landscape

Extra March ATC, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Another quote/sketch, this time it's an ATC. I couldn't remember if I posted this one so I am again.

Quote reads: "The real voyage of landscape consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Watercolor and ink on cold press.

Watercolor and Ink

Quote reads "The Biggest myth about Southern women is that we are frail types fainting on our couches. Nobody where I grew up ever acted like that. We were about as fragile as coal trucks." -Unknown

Love the quote... and it's true most of the time! I had to draw this awesome purple velour couch. I wish I had one! ;)

Random 7 Tag

I've been tagged by Amy at Threaded Thoughts and the Creative Mom Podcast for a random seven things about me. I have to post this on my blog and then tag seven more people in this "meme".
My seven are:
Mary , Cheryl
Omly, Ryan,
Heidi, Teri,
and Dixie
SO, here goes... and this is COMPLETELY random!

1. When I was growing up, I hated sports. My two sisters played softball and I was forced to go to their games and EVERY SUMMER was spent at the ball fields watching them play-- and I hated it. Coincidentally, I fell in love with a baseball fan and an avid player-- so I spent most of our "dating years" at the ball field. We married, had a SON, NAMED HIM AFTER A BALL PARK (Camden Yards), and I actually have grown to (sort of) like it-- maybe tolerate it is better. Luckily, my son is only 14 months so is not playing yet, and is, at this point, my EXCUSE to NOT attend ball games (as he is usually already in BED when they take place.)

2. I'm a teacher, I love my job (most) of the time. The students are not my "problem areas" though-- I always get along with them fine! It's the other faculty members that drive me crazy. It seems like adults these days are more lazy than kids! Ok, I have to brag, I was ALMOST teacher of the year-- but I lost by 10 votes. (probably those faculty members!... hahahaha!)

4. I spend money. I have a hard time "not" getting what I want. My husband is the exact opposite. Other than bills, he spends NOTHING unless it's a gift for me or equipment for his favorite sport. (see number one!)

5. The Creative Mom Podcast changed my life. I had a really hard time "finding myself" once I became a mother and always compared myself to other mothers. I'm successful at my job, but I didn't feel I was being successful as my main job "being a mom"... the CMP opened my eyes to a lot and has actually made me a better mother, wife and person. I document our lives via journaling, scrapbooking and sketching, I'm happier because I have "me" time, and I ENJOY reading to my son and getting him involved with the little projects that I do. :)

6. I'm a giver. I show my love and appreciation for people by giving. Giving my time, giving gifts, giving little things "just because".

7. Ah, the last one. I LOVE the Hampton Inn! Forget all those expensive five star & five diamond hotels, just give me a Hampton Inn!

Knit, Knit, Knit!

So, I've found a few patterns that *I THINK* I can do. Thanks to Amy and Omly for offering ideas! I went to my local knitting shop and found some cool fiber and some new needles and I'm working on a few projects-- a scarf for my sister using the fun-fur-- yes, it's acrylic but it's hot pink and furry and cool. Also, I found a dyed cotton for a hat, but haven't started the hat yet. I'm just "practicing" on a few more washcloths, doing ribbing and learning to bind off. I found two books at the library (Stitch & Bitch, which I originally learned to knit with, then forgot, then was reminded again by the wonderful woman at my local knit shop, Wooly Bully.) -- and (Knitting for Dummies. Yes, in this area, I'm a dummie right now :) )

So, knitting it has been lately. I checked out a few knitting magazines and LOVE all of the patterns but they are so "advanced"... I really want to do smaller projects that won't drive me crazy in the beginning.

Other TO DOs for this week:
1. Replacement ATC
2. Record something for Amy's Birthday/Anniversary Show
3. Figure out what bedroom color I want... I'm thinking Sweet Rhapsody by Behr-- but haven't decided yet.
4. Draw
5. Paint
6. Begin working on my headbands for my Etsy shop that should soon be underway!

Oh, and in recent news, my husband has had a few bad baseball games lately. Last night a woman from the other team told him that he sucked (which was very uncalled for), and he told her to "go home and knit!" He also chose to share this with me, and said he didn't think she should be out there judging him. I thought it was funny.

Monday, May 21, 2007

You know what's spooky?

... sitting outside on the back porch in the pitch black of night watching CSI while behind me I can hear rustling in the leaves behind our fence. Further, our back yard is on a hill so the "fence" is down hill and whatever is down there can certainly see me, in my pink Tommy Hilfiger PJs and my hair amess............. Should I mention that Joe is at his game still?

Knitting Pattern... Please?

Hi all... It's all about knitting tonight!!

Can someone point me in the direction (or send me) an EASY knitting pattern? A few of you have said do a hat -- but which hat? I've been searching online and can't find any. Went to the bookstore and all of the newer knitting mags have very difficult (to me) patterns in them. I have lots of knitting needles that I've picked up along the way (including two pairs of circulars)... and would love to do a hat for me or for Camden or just for anyone! A few cool EASY patterns (hats or anything...) would be awesome. I would really like to try some fetchings, too... AND if anyone can point me in the right direction to the EASIEST sock pattern, I'd be ever-so-thankful... BECAUSE I WANT to learn socks, but they all seem so... difficult!!! Thanks!

We're off tomorrow for the funeral. We're leaving at 8am and won't be back until late.

And yes, tomorrow is our two-year wedding anniversary. I surprised Joe at dinner tonight. I told him to meet me at Red Lobster at 5.30, he thought it was a work thing, and I just let him "think" that. When he got there, I had a cake that said "I love you", a few gifts and our waitress was paitently waiting on us :). Red Lobster was my choice because of the area and the time constraints that we had-- Joe had a game at 9 so had to be home by 8 to get ready-- and I had a babysitter for only a few hours... so that was my "quick choice". I was happy that I surprised Joe, though-- because I rarely surprise him, he is so smart and knows me so well that he usually figures everything out.

On the porch, my tea is cold... gotta go get more hot tea before CSI starts, and continue catching up on my blogs at the same time.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Knitted Washcloth

Another Knitted Washcloth
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
Working on another knitted washcloth, using sale yarn for now until I get better. It is sport weight and I'm using 4mm needles-- so this one is taking a little longer than my other one-- but I was able to cast on myself and get it started (from memory).

I am, however, very interested in knitting something besides a washcloth--so if anyone has any beginning patterns that are easy, send them my way! I have mastered the knit stitch and the purl stitch-- haven't tried any others yet. Although I'm still eyeing those awesome washcloths at knitty-- but I don't think I can do them yet.

Suggestions? :)

CMP Secret Operation

Secret Operations are so cool... and I'm happy to ANNOUNCE that this one is DONE! SO, It should "go into effect" this week......... via mail....... Am I excited or what?!

After the news I got today, I needed something time consuming to take my mind off of it-- so I sat down and FINISHED! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

(And, Sorry, But-- No pictures... that will come later.)


In other news, Joe and I are on the back porch and it is freezing out here! I'm wearing my coffee printed flannel PJ pants, a longsleeved T-Shirt and drinking a homemade Starbucks Sugarfree Vanilla Nonfat Latte! It's not warm enough though. We LOVE the porch- it's screened in and decorated in a beach theme-- we have little tiny white lights around the top so we have a nice warm glow out here. We have decided to trade rooms with Camden's playroom which is attached to this porch... We need our bedroom to be attached to this room so we can use it more often. (Which unfortunately, adds more on my summer TO DO List, but also gives me an opportunity to go through old stuff and make our bedroom a haven, which was one of my goals in the first place! AND the upstairs room is much BIGGER so Camden will have lots more room to run around in his playroom. Our only concern is the stairs... We have to install another saftey gate at the TOP of the stairs, and we should be OK.

Tomorrow is laundry day, and light cleaning duties. I'm hoping to get some sketch time and finish knitting my washcloth. I really want to move on to another knitting project-- but have no idea what else I would be able to do. *Readers, if you have any EASY patterns that you can recommend, please let me know by leaving a comment!*

I'm also excited to discover that I have more blog readers than I had thought. When you initally write a blog, you usually don't have a lot of readers-- and I know I don't have A LOT but more people read my blog than the few that I thought. I'm sure these people are wondering when I'm going to show some creativity-- but real life is taking over right now!!!!! I did do a few cool sketches the other night-- a bag of Starbucks Espresso, with my story about creating a perfect homemade Vanilla Latte!!! --And of course some Bigelow tea bags and a story about the animal sounds on the porch. I fully intend to paint these (in watercolor) tomorrow and get them up on here and at the CMP Circle on Flickr.

Well, it's getting downright COLD out here... (Yes, I'm in Florida but it's COLD tonight!!!!) SO, I'm heading inside to brush my teeth, wash my face, and lay down to watch my Gilmore Girls DVDs and drift off into dreamland. It's almost 1am here, which means Camden will be up in a few hours-- and I'm going to be too tired to, well, stay AWAKE when he does get up!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Floating Along... and then Bam, Bam, Bam!

So one day you're floating along in life, everything is status quo, and then something happens. Then another thing, then another thing, and another, and yet another. The last few months have been crazy-- one thing after the other happening like dominos.

Car Accident
Grandfather Dies
Baby in the Hospital
Other Grandfather Dies
-all of which have caused me to miss work-

When I sent the email today to let my colleagues know that I would be out Tuesday for my Grandpa's funeral, I felt like a slacker. I felt horrible. I felt like they are all going to roll their eyes and think that I'm making it all up. I'm not-- but that's how I feel. It's been a rough last few months and I just want things to be status quo again. I want to be the one that never misses a day of work, that never has any drama or excuses. -The person that I used to be.

In Loving Memory

gmagpavisit 025
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
In Loving Memory of Grandpa Hawthorne.

We visited with him last on Feb. 4th, 2007, when this photo was taken.

He passed away this morning, from cardiac arrest.

Funeral is Tuesday.

May he rest in peace.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Graduation Update

... went well. Not many tears to report.

I did make it a point to go up and hug the kid who gave me the most trouble the last two years!

I'm A Wimp

So... today, my 8th graders were talking about how excited they were to go to high school.  I listened to them banter back and forth.  I wondered what they would be like in high school after a summer to "grow up".  I remembered how they were when they were in 6th grade, and I cried.  Right there in front of them.  Boo-Hooed even. 
I have had this group of students since they were in the SIXTH grade.  For three years, I have been their teacher, mentor and friend.  And now, they are leaving.  It's sad.
I hope I can contain myself at tonight's graduation ceremony.

Mother's Day Bouquet

Mother's Day Bouquet, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day flowers! Love them!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working On...

1. Aretta's Save the Date Cards (post-card style --almost done!)
2. CMP Secret Operation
3. Sketchbook
4. Knitting a Washcloth -- Still
5. Etsy shop -- Ideas
6. Summer Plans
7. Blog & Camden's Blog

It's almost midnight. I'm in bed w/ my laptop and a mug of Earl Grey tea. Joe is asleep beside me. Short post tonight, as typing on a Mac is LOUD!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cake and Salad?

I don't eat breakfast during the week.
It's a very rare occasion when I do.
Weekends, Yes, Yes, Yes! ... But weekdays, no.
Is it that I don't have time? Maybe.
But the reality is, I just enjoy coffee in the morning.
Just coffee.
Lots and Lots of coffee.

So now that you know that background information, here's what happened today. Ms. Taylor, a colleague and friend pops into my room during third period. I'm on planning-- *which for those of you non-teachery-types, this means I'm in my room without students* -- well, (maybe a few students). My planning is also my "student aide hour"... Students take my planning period as a class and they HELP ME WITH ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES (read: sit around and chat playing their PSPs, listening to their iPods and hanging out with me while I'm TRYING to grade their papers...... yeah, middle schoolers are not really "helpers".) So, back to the story............ Ms. Taylor walks in, we banter back and forth about her Save the Date cards that I'm making in photoshop for her. She asks if I want to go to Publix. I didn't bring a lunch, so it's the perfect way for me to get a salad and a healthy choice pizza instead of cafeteria food. I say yes. (In comes the begging group of students:) Mrs. Chapman, will you get me some doughnuts? Mrs. Chapman, you know they have SLICES of cake, so you can still enjoy the yummy Publix goodness without actually buying a whole cake? Mrs. Chapman, get me a Snickers. Mrs. Chapman, if we give you money will you pick us up some goodies? Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman *This is where my weakness comes in.* I can't say no. Why would I say no? What would it hurt? So, I agree. They all place their orders, and I'm off for HEALTHY food for me and YUMMY food for them.

Get to Publix. Get A her doughnuts, get D his cake, can't find the Snickers, get my salad and healthy pizza. Still can't find the Snickers. Prance back over to the cake-slice-counter. Eye the slices. Choose one for the kid that ordered a Snickers, and sneak one in there for me. Yes. Salad, a Healthy Pizza, and CAKE.

It gets worse.

Get back to school. Hand out the kids goodies. Look around. Everyone is eating YUMMY food. Lunch is in an hour. My coffee is gone and the cake looks SO GOOD. Stomach growls. Cake calls my name. I eye my cake. . . . and . . . I eat it. Yes, all of it. (It was only a SLICE!). I guess you can consider that breakfast.

It gets worse.

I only picked up one plastic fork -- figuring I could eat my cake with a fork that I have in my drawer at school. No forks, only knives left. I ate the cake and there was chocolate icing in all the crevices of the fork. So.... (the embarrassing part) - I beebop into the cafeteria carrying my salad and microwave-fresh healthy pizza, and my "chocolate" fork. MORE THAN ONE PERSON ASKED If I was eating with a *dirty* fork -- and so that I wouldn't look completely gross,

I had to tell them that I just had a slice of totally delicious deep dark chocolately cake.


Rotten students.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bon Voyage Rory..... and Lorelai.......

Is this really the end?
I can't believe it.
I have to admit I haven't been watching regularly-- I've just been so busy-- things have been so crazy-- and YES... the new writers really pissed me off in the beginning. However there is always solace in the fact that I KNOW my husband will buy me the series DVD set once they come out. He always has. I have seasons 1-5 -- so, I just need 6 and 7 and my collection will be (gulp) complete. Complete. Meaning there will be no "new" shows. Now I'm not asking myself what I will do with myself on Tuesday nights-- because I have plenty of things to do. I'm asking myself how I will feel in a few years when I have watched Seasons 1-7 repeatedly, virtually running out of "new" shows to watch. Will re-runs be enough? Will another show blossom that has the same mother-daughter-small-town-feel-with-hilarious-pop-culture-references-and-fast-talking-coffee-drinking-funny-witty-girls-who-I-love? Maybe. Likely not.

I'm gonna miss them.

"Rory, my heart. It is Saturday, the day of rest."
"Sunday’s the day of rest."
"No, Saturday is the day of pre-rest."
"Yeah, so that way when you actually get to Sunday you’re rested enough to enjoy your rest."
- Lorelai, to Rory, trying to stay in bed

Scrap In Style TV

Scrap In Style TV is premiering tonight! Check out Claudine Hellmuth's blog for more information. Looks like fun! :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

An Art Drive

Today, I went on sort of an "art drive" after work, noticing all of the beautiful buildings and things in my daily path that are ART! I was sure to have my camera charged and ready, because I knew I was specifically going to photograph these things today.
First, an awesome truck trailer with a lovely painted message, and one of my most favorite words...

Isn't this awesome? I mean... Wow! It was surely done by art students from FSU, as it was parked near their large art studio/warehouse on Gaines Street. It's certainly something that I drive by and say "pretty!!!" everyday. It's amazing what a little paint can do for an old truck. (Which is why I've never been opposed to makeup of any kind!)

And what about this?

Art on an old building-- where you would never expect to find Art... The quote on the rainbow reads "The Arts Bridge Communities"-- a great quote and a wonderful painting. (Also located near the "Dream" truck, so again, I'm sure it's FSU Art Students.

Check out this Art Studio:

Pretty cool or what?! -- Now, I certainly wouldn't paint MY HOUSE those colors but an art studio in these colors is pretty cool.

Overall, I had a nice drive and got lots of awesome shops-- places that I didn't even know existed... and then, to end my trip on a sour note...
SHE (beeotch in the blue van.............)


Almost RUNNING me off the road, I had to SWERVE just so she wouldn't hit me. I honked (of course) ... and what did she do? She laughed.

A New Look...

My Blog got a make-over today. I was tired of the blue background that didn't really "go" with any of the photos I posted. Still going on with the beach theme (which I love), I have posted a temporary blog photo. I eventually want to do a scrapbooky creation with photoshop and make a really cool blog bar, like some of the other awesome ones I've seen. For now, my photo of the water over St. John's will have to do.

Today was my first day back to work after a long week out with Camden while he was sick. It was nice to be back, and so many of the kids missed me. (Some even posted "We miss you" messages on my myspace page, which made me feel *oh-so-special*)... --really-- I'm not making this up-- Can you believe _they_ (who claim to hate my class and all of the writing assignments and novels we read) ...missed me. They were sick of a week of goofing off with random substitutes and they wanted me back... yes, structure is our enemy but also our friend. *They also all loved my new pink crocs, that I wore with my capri jeans and my lime green Tommy Hilfiger TinyPOLO... __end of the school year, not dressing up!__

So, on with my day-- gotta go get Camden and yes, I have five dollars in my wallet and I'm craving Starbucks.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
...Just a few photos in a journey back...
I didn't really let anyone photograph me when I was pregnant, I felt H U G E... Here I was 8-months pregnant... and I don't really look that huge! (I guess you can't see me from the side... :)

Oh I miss this...
My wee little one in a sweet sleepy state...

Happy Mother's Day to my mom... (Camden's GrandMommy)

...and to my Mother-In-Law... (Camden's Granny Annie)

I can't believe how little he was...
...and how quickly he G R E W....... and is G R O W I N G!!!!!
So, as we're thinking about having another one... We are thinking about all the GREAT times...

and also how HARD it is.

Being a Mom isn't for sissies!... It's the hardest job I'll ever LOVE! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ben Wilder Wants Wings!

Check out this website, everyone! My husband's softball buddy and friend wants wings-- to go visit a girl he met in Vietnam. This is an awesome story and a very cool idea. I do have to brag-- WE were the first to donate-- LOL! ...and since then he's raised LOTS more-- but still needs LOTS more! So, do some good for the world... donate! CLICK HERE TO GIVE BEN WINGS!


Nana?, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fireworks ... or a Driveby Shooting? Happy Belated Cinco De Mayo!

Mary Jane Crocs... in Pink and Black

Finally had a moment today to go back and PAINT my sketches in my watercolor Moleskine so I could photograph them and upload them... I'm still loving my Mary Jane Crocs! (The pink ones especially). I have been looking for "baby crocs" but haven't been able to find them yet... (I saw Gabby's and wanted to get some for Camden!)... he needs some comfy shoes for the weekend! :)

The sketch came out kinda strange... it's very ballerina shoe-esque. I did this sketch in about 15 minutes while waiting for Joe to get out of the shower last weekend when we were on our trip. There was nothing to draw in the modern-hotel room so I decided to draw my new crocs that we had bought that day!

So, it's been awhile since I've written... lots of things have kept me from my creative time. I've put the housework on hold while Camden is napping so I could grab some moments for myself.

...What am I working on now?...
1. Re-doing ATCs that I completed this week and am not happy with...
2. Trying to do a sketch a day in the wee hours of the morning or night when all is quiet...
3. Thinking of an Etsy shop, and what exactly would I focus on?
4. Needing to finish the knitted washcloth that I started.. and excited about starting the "college" themed washcloths on knitty .
5. Save the Date cards for a friend's wedding... mostly complete but need to make a few changes.
6. Scrapbook Camden's hospital photos and photos from our weekend getaway to Jacksonville.
7. I guess that's about it and enough to keep me going for now.......

Coloring with Daddy

Coloring with Daddy, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

I haven't had time to be creative lately because I've been taking care of my sick baby boy and spending nights in the hospital. It has been too long since I've done something fun and for myself-- I decided to post this photo on my blog because although I'm not creating, I'm using creative outlets to deal with hard times-- such as photography and journaling. Just wanted to add this photo and update my creative mom readers on where I have been. You can read more on my son's blog:

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We are LOST!

We are LOST!, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This turned out to be a funny inside joke between me and Joe, as we were trying to find the outlet mall Saturday afternoon on our trip, I suddenly yelled TURN RIGHT ON BEAVER... Joe started laughing hysterically because he almost missed the turn and my outburst startled him.... and was quite funny... We had a great trip, it was awesome to be together as Joe and Jessica again instead of as Mommy and Daddy-- Lots of funny things happened and we were happy the entire time-- footloose and fancy free :)

Our Weekend in Jacksonville

Our Weekend in Jacksonville, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

A lovely view of the St. Johns River from the Jacksonville Landing.

Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Joe and I had a nice weekend getaway to Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend. We were glad to get away but were sad to come home to a sick baby! My mom and dad kept him while we were gone for the weekend-- and my dad and Joe ended up getting the virus that Camden had-- but me and my mom didn't get it... go figure.