Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Knitted Washcloth

Another Knitted Washcloth
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Working on another knitted washcloth, using sale yarn for now until I get better. It is sport weight and I'm using 4mm needles-- so this one is taking a little longer than my other one-- but I was able to cast on myself and get it started (from memory).

I am, however, very interested in knitting something besides a washcloth--so if anyone has any beginning patterns that are easy, send them my way! I have mastered the knit stitch and the purl stitch-- haven't tried any others yet. Although I'm still eyeing those awesome washcloths at knitty-- but I don't think I can do them yet.

Suggestions? :)

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omly said...

A good next project might be a hat for yourself or the little one (just make it a bit large for when the weather cools off). This would let you try working in the round (yay new technique!) and decreasing (not sure if you have done any yet, but it is easy).

And don't knock the sale yarn. Almost everything I knit started off as sale yarn ;)