Monday, May 14, 2007

An Art Drive

Today, I went on sort of an "art drive" after work, noticing all of the beautiful buildings and things in my daily path that are ART! I was sure to have my camera charged and ready, because I knew I was specifically going to photograph these things today.
First, an awesome truck trailer with a lovely painted message, and one of my most favorite words...

Isn't this awesome? I mean... Wow! It was surely done by art students from FSU, as it was parked near their large art studio/warehouse on Gaines Street. It's certainly something that I drive by and say "pretty!!!" everyday. It's amazing what a little paint can do for an old truck. (Which is why I've never been opposed to makeup of any kind!)

And what about this?

Art on an old building-- where you would never expect to find Art... The quote on the rainbow reads "The Arts Bridge Communities"-- a great quote and a wonderful painting. (Also located near the "Dream" truck, so again, I'm sure it's FSU Art Students.

Check out this Art Studio:

Pretty cool or what?! -- Now, I certainly wouldn't paint MY HOUSE those colors but an art studio in these colors is pretty cool.

Overall, I had a nice drive and got lots of awesome shops-- places that I didn't even know existed... and then, to end my trip on a sour note...
SHE (beeotch in the blue van.............)


Almost RUNNING me off the road, I had to SWERVE just so she wouldn't hit me. I honked (of course) ... and what did she do? She laughed.


Amy said...

Love the "dream" truck. That's so cool. And, love the "art drive." The final story though is really funny. That you got a shot of the offending car in the mirror cracks me up.

Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

I loved that trailer. It was so clean and pretty.

They repainted it now. I don't like it as much anymore.