Thursday, May 24, 2007

Behr Paint

Which color do you like? Sweet Rhapsody is my favorite right now. (THIRD one in, THIRD one down.) (OR just click the link to see it!) Amy wanted to know what it looks like... we'll see if this works. I'm going for a 'beachy-yet-homey-and-relaxed' feel. (How'd you guess).


Amy said...

Wow - you DID bury the 7! See - sweet rhaspody definitely didn't clue me into this color set! But, I think it's very pretty. Very seaside. Very calm. Is it soft on the walls and in your light?

Mary said...

That's a really pretty color! Kind of a sea glass feel to it. We've been in our house almost four years and I did our bedroom walls in shades of blue. Now I'm wanting to paint it a robin's egg blue and DH says no way. Party pooper!