Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bon Voyage Rory..... and Lorelai.......

Is this really the end?
I can't believe it.
I have to admit I haven't been watching regularly-- I've just been so busy-- things have been so crazy-- and YES... the new writers really pissed me off in the beginning. However there is always solace in the fact that I KNOW my husband will buy me the series DVD set once they come out. He always has. I have seasons 1-5 -- so, I just need 6 and 7 and my collection will be (gulp) complete. Complete. Meaning there will be no "new" shows. Now I'm not asking myself what I will do with myself on Tuesday nights-- because I have plenty of things to do. I'm asking myself how I will feel in a few years when I have watched Seasons 1-7 repeatedly, virtually running out of "new" shows to watch. Will re-runs be enough? Will another show blossom that has the same mother-daughter-small-town-feel-with-hilarious-pop-culture-references-and-fast-talking-coffee-drinking-funny-witty-girls-who-I-love? Maybe. Likely not.

I'm gonna miss them.

"Rory, my heart. It is Saturday, the day of rest."
"Sunday’s the day of rest."
"No, Saturday is the day of pre-rest."
"Yeah, so that way when you actually get to Sunday you’re rested enough to enjoy your rest."
- Lorelai, to Rory, trying to stay in bed

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Anonymous said...

Oi, I know. I didn't cry...because I had been preparing myself for this. LOL. Really sad.

I find it hard to believe that shows like this come around very often. So I will be getting this latest season on DVD and my collection will be complete...and I'll be in re-run heaven. Or hell. :)