Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cake and Salad?

I don't eat breakfast during the week.
It's a very rare occasion when I do.
Weekends, Yes, Yes, Yes! ... But weekdays, no.
Is it that I don't have time? Maybe.
But the reality is, I just enjoy coffee in the morning.
Just coffee.
Lots and Lots of coffee.

So now that you know that background information, here's what happened today. Ms. Taylor, a colleague and friend pops into my room during third period. I'm on planning-- *which for those of you non-teachery-types, this means I'm in my room without students* -- well, (maybe a few students). My planning is also my "student aide hour"... Students take my planning period as a class and they HELP ME WITH ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES (read: sit around and chat playing their PSPs, listening to their iPods and hanging out with me while I'm TRYING to grade their papers...... yeah, middle schoolers are not really "helpers".) So, back to the story............ Ms. Taylor walks in, we banter back and forth about her Save the Date cards that I'm making in photoshop for her. She asks if I want to go to Publix. I didn't bring a lunch, so it's the perfect way for me to get a salad and a healthy choice pizza instead of cafeteria food. I say yes. (In comes the begging group of students:) Mrs. Chapman, will you get me some doughnuts? Mrs. Chapman, you know they have SLICES of cake, so you can still enjoy the yummy Publix goodness without actually buying a whole cake? Mrs. Chapman, get me a Snickers. Mrs. Chapman, if we give you money will you pick us up some goodies? Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman *This is where my weakness comes in.* I can't say no. Why would I say no? What would it hurt? So, I agree. They all place their orders, and I'm off for HEALTHY food for me and YUMMY food for them.

Get to Publix. Get A her doughnuts, get D his cake, can't find the Snickers, get my salad and healthy pizza. Still can't find the Snickers. Prance back over to the cake-slice-counter. Eye the slices. Choose one for the kid that ordered a Snickers, and sneak one in there for me. Yes. Salad, a Healthy Pizza, and CAKE.

It gets worse.

Get back to school. Hand out the kids goodies. Look around. Everyone is eating YUMMY food. Lunch is in an hour. My coffee is gone and the cake looks SO GOOD. Stomach growls. Cake calls my name. I eye my cake. . . . and . . . I eat it. Yes, all of it. (It was only a SLICE!). I guess you can consider that breakfast.

It gets worse.

I only picked up one plastic fork -- figuring I could eat my cake with a fork that I have in my drawer at school. No forks, only knives left. I ate the cake and there was chocolate icing in all the crevices of the fork. So.... (the embarrassing part) - I beebop into the cafeteria carrying my salad and microwave-fresh healthy pizza, and my "chocolate" fork. MORE THAN ONE PERSON ASKED If I was eating with a *dirty* fork -- and so that I wouldn't look completely gross,

I had to tell them that I just had a slice of totally delicious deep dark chocolately cake.


Rotten students.

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Amy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. You are bound to be the coolest teacher there, by far. And, a slice of cake makes you human. Forget the pizza. (Although, I did just finish my Lean Cuisine mushroom pizza - which I am addicted to at this point. But... I admit... I caved and bought a raspberry zinger at the store the other day. Something from my childhood. Darn it was good!)