Sunday, May 20, 2007

CMP Secret Operation

Secret Operations are so cool... and I'm happy to ANNOUNCE that this one is DONE! SO, It should "go into effect" this week......... via mail....... Am I excited or what?!

After the news I got today, I needed something time consuming to take my mind off of it-- so I sat down and FINISHED! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

(And, Sorry, But-- No pictures... that will come later.)


In other news, Joe and I are on the back porch and it is freezing out here! I'm wearing my coffee printed flannel PJ pants, a longsleeved T-Shirt and drinking a homemade Starbucks Sugarfree Vanilla Nonfat Latte! It's not warm enough though. We LOVE the porch- it's screened in and decorated in a beach theme-- we have little tiny white lights around the top so we have a nice warm glow out here. We have decided to trade rooms with Camden's playroom which is attached to this porch... We need our bedroom to be attached to this room so we can use it more often. (Which unfortunately, adds more on my summer TO DO List, but also gives me an opportunity to go through old stuff and make our bedroom a haven, which was one of my goals in the first place! AND the upstairs room is much BIGGER so Camden will have lots more room to run around in his playroom. Our only concern is the stairs... We have to install another saftey gate at the TOP of the stairs, and we should be OK.

Tomorrow is laundry day, and light cleaning duties. I'm hoping to get some sketch time and finish knitting my washcloth. I really want to move on to another knitting project-- but have no idea what else I would be able to do. *Readers, if you have any EASY patterns that you can recommend, please let me know by leaving a comment!*

I'm also excited to discover that I have more blog readers than I had thought. When you initally write a blog, you usually don't have a lot of readers-- and I know I don't have A LOT but more people read my blog than the few that I thought. I'm sure these people are wondering when I'm going to show some creativity-- but real life is taking over right now!!!!! I did do a few cool sketches the other night-- a bag of Starbucks Espresso, with my story about creating a perfect homemade Vanilla Latte!!! --And of course some Bigelow tea bags and a story about the animal sounds on the porch. I fully intend to paint these (in watercolor) tomorrow and get them up on here and at the CMP Circle on Flickr.

Well, it's getting downright COLD out here... (Yes, I'm in Florida but it's COLD tonight!!!!) SO, I'm heading inside to brush my teeth, wash my face, and lay down to watch my Gilmore Girls DVDs and drift off into dreamland. It's almost 1am here, which means Camden will be up in a few hours-- and I'm going to be too tired to, well, stay AWAKE when he does get up!


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Anonymous said...

Try a hat. They're not terribly big, they can be knit flat and then sewn up the back, and if you knit it out of cotton you'd have something you could wear where you live.