Sunday, May 27, 2007

Drawing, First Words and To Dos.

If you draw, and are trying to become better-- DO NOT TAKE A "BREAK" from your daily drawing! I haven't drawn anything GOOD since my May 12 Banana drawing. I have done a couple of "simple" things but they came out HORRIBLE! I'll probably NOT even post them to the CMP flickr group-- they were that bad. I don't know if I was rushed, or if it was because I was sitting on the couch and not at the table, or if there were too many things going on around me. All those things aside, I have not been practicing each day like I have WANTED to do, so I haven't been getting any better. I've actually been getting *worse*. So, one of my summer goals is to draw *each day*, no matter what my goals for the day are, I need to get in journaling and drawing time! *SO* -- Question. What do YOU do when you draw something HORRID in your moleskine or sketchbook? Do you just leave it, so you can look back and see how far you've come? OR do you do "something" with it? It really bothers me that I have this one page that is soooo bad, smack in the middle of the book. Answers please?

In other news, Camden decided to get up at 7am this morning, so he and I have been up since then. We've already had breakfast, I've had two cups of coffee, he's had two cups of juice, we've read books, we've played pillow fight, we've watched Sesame Street (now, Barney) and we've looked at pictures on flickr, while he named what they are. I was flipping through Amy's new images on flickr, and saw the lovely photo collage of her son, just about the time I was admiring her awesome photography, Camden walked up beside me, saying "MEEEE" (which means pick me up!), So I picked him up and he pointed to the screen and said "Baby!"... Which was SO FUNNY! Any little kid is a "baby" to him. So then, we looked up cows, dogs, puppies and other animals on flickr so he could see the pictures and we could say the words. He has learned to say MMMMMM for "moo" when we ask him what a cow says. He has learned to say "arf" for a dog when we ask him what a dog says. And today, he said "puppy" for the first time. We were looking at photos of dogs and there was this adoreable puppy, and I said "awww, look, a puppy!"... and he said "Pup-eeeeee!".... SO COOL!

Ok, well I'm off to make some ATCs that I was supposed to make last week, but got tied up at work and never left early like I had planned. I have to get them done today and out in the mail ASAP :))))


Amy said...

Well, I can admit to having felt similarly recently, and I know one day in April, I scrawled into my sketchbook... "Why am I not getting better!" But, as to your question... I think you'll hit upon "what" to do about pages you don't like differently at different points in your creative journey. I used to tear things out and throw them away. I made a committment through the process of CMP to not do that anymore. But, that doesn't mean there are not still things I don't like/love. If it REALLY bugs you - take some gesso or white acrylic and go over it, leaving some of it peek through even, and then turn the page into something else - with color even.

Amy said...

Oh - and I love that Flickr is a vocabulary building opportunity for Camden! That's pretty cool.