Sunday, May 27, 2007

Found Forgotten Fabric!

Check these out... aren't they pretty?

Here is a CLOSER look:

So... what do you think? What should I make out of them? They are all heavy duty-canvas-style... nice stuff! I am thinking large pillows for my living room... or maybe someone's living room if I ever get to open an Etsy shop! My hubby suggested I use it for my Etsy headbands that I've been talking about *but still haven't tackled yet*... I'm guessing he does not understand the correlation between "house fabric" and "wearable fabric". This fabric, I wouldn't wear... but I guess there is some wearable fabric that you can use in the house. Strange. Stuff.

Anyway, here are the details on one of the Found Forgotten Fabric selections:
The black background with flower pots is called "melanie" by Wilkinsons (Same as photo but with a black background instead of a yellow.

The other two are by Wilkinsons, too... :)

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Mary said...

They ARE pretty! I especially like the blue with the medallion kind of thing. They could be pillows or those new AB gumdrop cushions or even tote bags.