Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday is my Favorite Day!

It's FRIDAY! YAY! I love a good Friday, topped with visions of weekend goodness. Teacher planning days are always so laid back which is why I LOVE THEM! We had our promotion/retention meeting yesterday, so got that out of the way early, and on to our little 'end of the year fun list'-- averaging grades, organizing books, organizing closets, cleaning. The fun stuff that says "I'm almost done." - Unfortunately this year I have a little more to do for our magnet program-- but that's ok because I'm going to get it all done and by Wednesday of next week I'll be ready for a fun filled creative summer! I'm already making big plans in my agenda book! So, despite the fact that I didn't feel well this morning, and despite the fact that my cell phone fell in the toilet this morning (slid off the counter, right in!) -- I had to go in and get it-- luckily there was *just water* in there :)))))))))))))))) ...and that I had to spend time waiting in line at Sprint! *Despite those facts, I'm doing just fine.* I'm about to grab a bite to eat, change my clothes and run up to the book store and look at some knitting books, I really want to see those knitted cupcakes that I remember Amy talking about awhile back.

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