Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knit, Knit, Knit!

So, I've found a few patterns that *I THINK* I can do. Thanks to Amy and Omly for offering ideas! I went to my local knitting shop and found some cool fiber and some new needles and I'm working on a few projects-- a scarf for my sister using the fun-fur-- yes, it's acrylic but it's hot pink and furry and cool. Also, I found a dyed cotton for a hat, but haven't started the hat yet. I'm just "practicing" on a few more washcloths, doing ribbing and learning to bind off. I found two books at the library (Stitch & Bitch, which I originally learned to knit with, then forgot, then was reminded again by the wonderful woman at my local knit shop, Wooly Bully.) -- and (Knitting for Dummies. Yes, in this area, I'm a dummie right now :) )

So, knitting it has been lately. I checked out a few knitting magazines and LOVE all of the patterns but they are so "advanced"... I really want to do smaller projects that won't drive me crazy in the beginning.

Other TO DOs for this week:
1. Replacement ATC
2. Record something for Amy's Birthday/Anniversary Show
3. Figure out what bedroom color I want... I'm thinking Sweet Rhapsody by Behr-- but haven't decided yet.
4. Draw
5. Paint
6. Begin working on my headbands for my Etsy shop that should soon be underway!

Oh, and in recent news, my husband has had a few bad baseball games lately. Last night a woman from the other team told him that he sucked (which was very uncalled for), and he told her to "go home and knit!" He also chose to share this with me, and said he didn't think she should be out there judging him. I thought it was funny.


Mary said...

Sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend. Good luck with the knitting -- must share pics when you finish!

cheryl said...

Love your motivation --- and someone actually said "you suck"??? the nerve!!! Go home and knot - bwah ha ha!

Amy said...

That is too funny - "go home and knit." I didn't realize games were played so late at night. Interesting. Personally, I'd just be glad he doesn't expect you to come watch them all ;) (I know, Camden's in bed.) I'm beginning to feel very guilty that I appear on your to-do list so often! And, I'm sorry about the replacement ATC. I thought you told me you'd made one when you made the first. So, I really imposed this time. I feel very bad. Post a pic of the Behr paint swatch. I'd like to see the color - the name doesn't really give it away!
(Oh, and have fun knitting - but, um, novelty yarn like fun fur can actually be tough to start because it makes the stitches harder to see. Just fyi.)

Amy said...

I also have to tell you that I just tagged you for a Random 7 meme on my blog. You're a good sport though, I know ;)