Friday, May 11, 2007

Mary Jane Crocs... in Pink and Black

Finally had a moment today to go back and PAINT my sketches in my watercolor Moleskine so I could photograph them and upload them... I'm still loving my Mary Jane Crocs! (The pink ones especially). I have been looking for "baby crocs" but haven't been able to find them yet... (I saw Gabby's and wanted to get some for Camden!)... he needs some comfy shoes for the weekend! :)

The sketch came out kinda strange... it's very ballerina shoe-esque. I did this sketch in about 15 minutes while waiting for Joe to get out of the shower last weekend when we were on our trip. There was nothing to draw in the modern-hotel room so I decided to draw my new crocs that we had bought that day!

So, it's been awhile since I've written... lots of things have kept me from my creative time. I've put the housework on hold while Camden is napping so I could grab some moments for myself.

...What am I working on now?...
1. Re-doing ATCs that I completed this week and am not happy with...
2. Trying to do a sketch a day in the wee hours of the morning or night when all is quiet...
3. Thinking of an Etsy shop, and what exactly would I focus on?
4. Needing to finish the knitted washcloth that I started.. and excited about starting the "college" themed washcloths on knitty .
5. Save the Date cards for a friend's wedding... mostly complete but need to make a few changes.
6. Scrapbook Camden's hospital photos and photos from our weekend getaway to Jacksonville.
7. I guess that's about it and enough to keep me going for now.......

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