Monday, May 28, 2007

Crummy Days, Helicopters and Magazines

Crummy day today-- I've been in an awful mood and have no idea why-- Maybe it's because Camden continues to get up at 7am? Maybe it's because I was jealous because Joe got to sleep in until 9.30? Maybe because Camden was cranky all day and we were supposed to meet up with friends for a Bar-B-Que but because he was cranky and I was cranky all we did was wallow in our own self pity all day.... Maybe it's because last night I didn't feel like cooking so I picked up Sonny's BBQ for us-- and the lady only gave me half of my order, so I had to go back, and then when I went back she still forgot my drinks, and I forgot the drinks too, so then I had to stop at a fast food chain for drinks, and the woman filled up the drinks to the top until they overflowed, put the lid on and then tried to _hand_ the drinks to me though the window-- dripping wet everywhere, and when I asked for a napkin she scoffed. I wanted to throw a fit right there. I wanted to toss the drinks back at her so she could feel the syrupy wetness drip down her arms, too. But, I didn't. I just came home and shared this all with my husband-- I ranted-- I went on and on. I finally told myself to shut up because it was so negative. And here I continue... and why? Because, today, Joe picked up lunch for us, checked the bags quickly and came home-- WITHOUT my main course... So we each had a baked potato and shared the chicken, because they FORGOT mine. So today we vowed to eat at home unless we're going to a sit down place. No more picking stuff up on the fly. -Which sucks for me, but probably will be better for our health. I need to call Rachel Ray.
SO MIDDAY I had to go to the grocery store. YES, I went yesterday, but I've been doing these "mini-trips" instead-- so ANOTHER trip today-- and a side trip to Books-A-Million on the way home to run in and pick up this:

The new issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS!!!! This is an awesome magazine! Amy recommended it awhile back and I just now finally decided to get it. I immediately flipped through and my most favorite part?
Was this:

Since I've been knitting and teaching myself to knit lately, this really touched my heart and I instantly WANTED one!
I also loved the section on creative journaling:

Seeing as I've been drooling over people's moleskine photos on flickr, while mine continue to look awful!!!
.... but maybe I've broken the cycle! For a little Memorial Day spirit, I took my cranky baby on a drive this evening to get him to sleep and ended up at Lake Ella, where I sketched a helicopter that they have situated there as a memorial. So, I sketched a Memorial on Memorial Day. -- and I'll post a picture later.

So, a crummy day turned better through art!!! ...but I still think I owe my husband an apology for the beeotch that has ruled the roost the last few days. Sorry, hon. Love you!


Amy said...

Wow. Early riser. Messed up food in a bag. Daily grocery runs. Glad summer is coming! But, even more glad about Cloth Paper Scissors. I have that one, too - but I've been holding it hoping for a peaceful minute. I just love that mag! Glad to hear about the drive to the lake and look forward to seeing the sketch.

Mary said...

Hope the tide has turned and all is well in the 'Nole household now. :) You'll have to let me know when hubby drags you up to my 'hood. :D

Amy said...

Hey SN - I pulled mine off the top of a basket where it was perched - and then realized I had flipped through it (but not "read" it). But I have flipped through it quickly twice more now and keep not seeing that journaling page you're showing here. What am I missing? Point me...