Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random 7 Tag

I've been tagged by Amy at Threaded Thoughts and the Creative Mom Podcast for a random seven things about me. I have to post this on my blog and then tag seven more people in this "meme".
My seven are:
Mary , Cheryl
Omly, Ryan,
Heidi, Teri,
and Dixie
SO, here goes... and this is COMPLETELY random!

1. When I was growing up, I hated sports. My two sisters played softball and I was forced to go to their games and EVERY SUMMER was spent at the ball fields watching them play-- and I hated it. Coincidentally, I fell in love with a baseball fan and an avid player-- so I spent most of our "dating years" at the ball field. We married, had a SON, NAMED HIM AFTER A BALL PARK (Camden Yards), and I actually have grown to (sort of) like it-- maybe tolerate it is better. Luckily, my son is only 14 months so is not playing yet, and is, at this point, my EXCUSE to NOT attend ball games (as he is usually already in BED when they take place.)

2. I'm a teacher, I love my job (most) of the time. The students are not my "problem areas" though-- I always get along with them fine! It's the other faculty members that drive me crazy. It seems like adults these days are more lazy than kids! Ok, I have to brag, I was ALMOST teacher of the year-- but I lost by 10 votes. (probably those faculty members!... hahahaha!)

4. I spend money. I have a hard time "not" getting what I want. My husband is the exact opposite. Other than bills, he spends NOTHING unless it's a gift for me or equipment for his favorite sport. (see number one!)

5. The Creative Mom Podcast changed my life. I had a really hard time "finding myself" once I became a mother and always compared myself to other mothers. I'm successful at my job, but I didn't feel I was being successful as my main job "being a mom"... the CMP opened my eyes to a lot and has actually made me a better mother, wife and person. I document our lives via journaling, scrapbooking and sketching, I'm happier because I have "me" time, and I ENJOY reading to my son and getting him involved with the little projects that I do. :)

6. I'm a giver. I show my love and appreciation for people by giving. Giving my time, giving gifts, giving little things "just because".

7. Ah, the last one. I LOVE the Hampton Inn! Forget all those expensive five star & five diamond hotels, just give me a Hampton Inn!


Amy said...

I love reading these kinds of lists. I really do. That you are a "giver" is so so so true - and so wonderful about you. Make sure you tag 7 other people. Also, post a photo sometime about the headbands you have talked about prepping to sell at Etsy.

cheryl said...

LOL - we ARE so much alike! My favorite hotel is the double tree. How can you NOT like a hotel that gives you warm cookies when you check in???

Dixie said...

I love that you love Hampton Inns. I love hotels in general. Sometimes I wish I lived in a hotel.

I find nothing weird about naming your child after Camden Yards. I'm an Orioles fan so I think it's a fine idea. My father was a Yankees fan (it caused less problems between us than one might imagine) and his big idol was Joe DiMaggio. One of my brothers is named Joseph Paul after Joe DiMaggio.

Check back with me over the weekend - I'll be doing the meme then.

Teri C said...

These are such fun things that you shared!

Thanks for thinking of me but I just did this 1-2 weeks ago :) And that was after three people tagged me so I feel so special that you did too! Thanks