Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boo Boo the Zebra

Boo Boo the Zebra
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Disclaimer-- I did not make this!

But I'm feeding my facination with sock-monkeys! I bought Camden some sock monkey sheets for the twin bed downstairs. They were on sale at Target in Panama City for $7! Yes SEVEN DOLLARS... so who could pass those up? I should have bought more than one set now that I'm looking back on it... because I still see these sheets in MY LOCAL TARGET for $30!!!!!!!! So, anyway, I found the sock monkey sheets and scooped them up so quick, and they are now on the twin bed downstairs that will (someday) become Camden's room and Camden's bed (I'm preparing early!)

And then yesterday, I'm in World Market just DROOLING over all of the stuff in there-- (that was my first time ever being in that store and now I'm hooked...)... and anyway, I hadn't PLANNED on buying anything, but this little guy literally JUMPED off of the shelf into my arms and DRAGGED me to the checkout counter. Yes. True Story! .... I didn't have a cart -because, yet I say again, I hadn't PLANNED on buying anything- , so I was holding this little guy, carrying him around the store like an infant. At one point a woman that worked there came up and asked me if I would like a basket. I was like "no". Then she gave me this strange look... and it was just SO funny!

Later, I picked Camden up from school, got him in his carseat, and then got in the car. I turned around in my seat, holding up the bag and said "I've got a special person in here that wants to meet you..."
...and he just grinned. (Probably not understanding me, but probably understanding me, because, as I've said before, my child is a genius!)... and so I danced the little zebra out of the shopping bag and the grin on Camden's face was enough to make me melt! It was soo cute, so I gave him a kiss and gave it to Camden and Camden kissed the zebra and hugged it and held it the entire way home.

That evening, we were coming down the stairs after Camden's bath and we saw the zebra laying on the floor in the living room. I said "Camden, look, there is your new zebra."... "What do you want to name it?"... and he immediately said "Boo Boo". (Now, i'm sure this was just baby babble... but I insist that Camden chose the PERFECT name for the zebra... because it fits.) So, this is Boo Boo the Zebra.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Hey Jessica! Listened to your podcast again today. You're doing a great job! I have a Mama Genius for you... can I tell it to you here? I don't know - it's not that big of a thing, really, but my girls LOVED to paint - well, everything outside - with a bucket of water and old paintbrushes we had left over from painting our walls.

Even older kids would join them when they would come over; kids ages 10 and 12! They would "paint" the fence, the sidewalk, the driveway, the playset, the sandbox... even the car! Yep, I got a free carwash one day. You can't get a lighter touch than with paintbrushes! The tires were especially favored objects. The painted areas continued to dry in the sun, so there is always canvas everywhere. It's an easy thing to do at a park too. Just remember to pack the paintbrush along with the shovel and pail and you're set. :)

Love the scarf you're knitting, BTW. I looked at the pattern, because I thought I had missed one over there. It's amazing how different things look when they are different colors. I HAD seen it, but hadn't liked it all that much, I guess, in the solid. Your color choice is terrific!

Oh, and Boo Boo is darling. He looks like he might be a sock monkey cousin!

cheryl said...

Cute!!! I LOVE world market!!! You cannot go there without a basket (though it's probably a lot cheaper LOL). My DD would LOVE boo boo - she loves zebras!

hsing3kinder said...

Jessica ~ Hey! You're doing a great job on the podcast & I love the Boo Boo story. It cracks me up because when my 2nd dd was 14 months old I had my son and she insisted on calling him Dodo! We had to squelch that one when they were a bit older though!!