Friday, June 15, 2007

Camera's Dead & A Want.........

I am Boogie-ing on my scarf-- (only on the second repeat -seven more to go- but it looks pretty long to me!) --I do think I'm gonna run out of yarn, so that means I have gotta get another hank of the artyarns... and I was hoping I could get the whole scarf out of one hank since it was pretty expensive. I wanted to take a photo but my camera is dead... needs to recharge and then it should be OK. I use it SO MUCH! ...which is a good thing. :))))
...and I'm in love.... with THESE!! Interchangable knitting needles....YES... they are pink and they come in a pink CASE and they are interchangable and they are airplane safe, and they are awesome.
So, it's Friday-- My weekend is here, we're having breakfast with my parents tomorrow morning and then we're heading to Panama City to see Joe's family. I'll be back Monday and I'm ready to podcast! I have already recorded a portion......... a special guest and some funnies... are you ready?.


Mary said...

Neat needles! Almost makes me want to learn how to knit (but not quite!). Have a great weekend and safe travels to y'all!

omly said...

I haven't decided about getting an interchangeable set since I already have so many circulars, but if I do they will definitely be the KnitPicks options rather than the Denises. I am all over the Knitpicks tips and the price is quite comparable. And they are purple for those who care ;)