Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Halfway There-- A New Podcast for Moms!

Ok... I finally did it... Today, I recorded my FIRST podcast.

It will go live this evening, and will be at iTunes by tomorrow morning.

I'm excited! It's called "Halfway There". So, stay tuned so you can LISTEN :)

Ok: Update: It's been added to iTunes, so you can listen there as soon as they approve it. Until then - you can go to this site if you want to download and listen:

Show notes:
Hello and Welcome to the VERY FIRST EPISODE of Halfway There! I'm Jessica, your host! You can email me at

Today's line-up is as follows:
*Explanation of the Podcast
*Mother Genius! moment
*Developing a Family Archive for your children-- beyond scrapbooking
*Cleaning Time-- Tackling Mount Everest that we call Laundry
*Mom Time, at an unexpected place...
*Assignment: A "fun drive"
*Story by Judy L. Leger


Mary said...

I look forward to checking it out! You have been quite the busy girl these days -- organizing and creating and now podcasting! WTG, Jessica! (And I look forward to the HPCloset pics!)

mommacurran said...

I look forward to listening as well. I really appreciate your comments on my has a long way to go, but your encouragement means a lot.

omly said...

Very fun show SN, though I am afraid I can't do the assignment. I don't drive! [Can the bus count? ;)] Great first episode. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Amy said...

Yeah, SunnyNole! As I said in email, too, I love the title. Very cool!

ScrapHappy said...

Oh my gosh, Jessica-
You did something amazing with Amy's scrapbook... I'm listening to the podcast right now. It was such an amazing and ambitious project, and I'm so impressed at your creativity and generosity.
Thank you for doing this for Amy!!!
And I can't wait to hear your podcast, too.

Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

I'll have to check it out!