Thursday, June 21, 2007

Halfway There Podcast- Episode 3: Family Blunders

Episode 3: Family Blunders
*impromptu interview with my sister, Leslie-- (a few not-so-kid-friendly moments)... but overall a fun time.
-Leslie confesses to watching Saved by The Bell
-A Father's Day group project
-A rundown on how to present a podcast.
-Sales at Target
-The parents are coming to visit
*It's summertime... should I be working?
*Have you discovered Swap-Bot?
*Target discussions... maybe this should have been called the Target episode?
*Family visits ...
*Mother Genius Moment submitted by Nicole Pivec
*A listener project-- to win a free Aveeno Bath product package.
*Podsafe Music from the Podsafe Music Network:
*Intro and acoustic breaks: "Halfway There" by Katy Pfaffl
*End Song: "Today" by Amy Dalley

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