Friday, June 08, 2007

Mermaids, Starbucks, SunnyBrook and feeling Wicked

Mermaid "cartoon" sketch, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This girl was so much fun to draw! I made her into an ATC which I will post as soon as I can get onto the upstairs computer again.

H pissed me off tonight because he is sick and needed to "go to bed" at like seven-- and then told me to wake him up at eight, and when I did, I hopped on the computer to do a few things, and he is laying there, sighing and tossing and turning, and _finally_ asks "how much longer are you going to be"... --and this is where I promptly sign off, hop up and head out -- if everyone in my house is sleeping at 8pm, shouldn't I leave, head to Starbucks and do something that I want to do? (Starbucks is 1/2 mile from my house... I could practically walk there, and yes, it smells like coffee outside my house if the wind is just right...) SO........Yes, I should... so out the door I went.

We had a nice time, me and my mermaids at Starbucks. *horrible grammar...* I finished my ATCs with this cartoon girl, which I'm sending to one partner, and then my single mermaid I'm sending to someone else. Then, I looked back at the fabric ATCs that I had made, and used them for an 80's-movie swap at Swap-Bot. *joined swap-bot yesterday, how cool is that place?* (Can you guess what movie?) -- Yes, Splash! I LOVE that movie! :) ...and the other TWO mermaid movies: The Little Mermaid and Mermaids. (Are there any others?)

Ok, so it's midnight and I'm off to dreamland, I'm going on a mini-road trip tomorrow with Camden so I need SLEEP... Luckily I have some great books on CD to listen to in the car-- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -- thanks to Amy's reference to me being _like_ her... - and Wicked -- that I have been hearing so much about and being a Wizard of Oz freak, I'm ready to read (er, listen...) [to] this! Hopefully, in the end, I'll be more like Rebecca of Sunnybrook and not like the Wicked Witch in Wicked. Although, after re-reading this post, I'm sure feeling witchy.


marti said...

Books on CD are so much fun on road trips! Have loads of adventures.

Amy said...

Well... I don't know that you are "like" Rebecca - just that your screenname always makes me think of that book (I'm sure it's just the word "Sunny") - but I hope you enjoyed the reads - and the trip. And, good for you for heading out for a break at Starbucks. Can you believe ours closes at, ahem, 7:30!!!!!! Not that I'd probably head there at night anyway, but that it's not an option surprises me in the city.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Swapbot super cool? I love it! Even when I'm not signing up for anything it gives me all sorts of ideas for projects and themes. It's very stimulating.