Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mermaids, Mermaids, Everywhere!

Seems like I continually encounter mermaids. The mermaid on the side of my Starbucks cup, the mermaids that pop up in stories and poems that I read, the mermaid painting that I drove by in May, on the side of an industrial building. ....so, Mermaids on the mind... and I'm continuing my Mermaid ATCs... i actually got out the watercolor pencils and tried a few "sketched" mermaids.. and I hated how they came out. So much so that I was even embarrassed to show Joe when he was looking through the ATCs I had sketched that day.

So, why am I so embarrassed by the awful sketches? Anyone else out there feel/act the same way? Ever have a page in your sketchbook that you just want to rip out?!!! I do. I'm actually planning something over one of the sketches that I tried to do for a CMP prompt "hidden". I was trying to do "hidden thoughts"... and it ended up looking like a cancer patient with a mis-shapen face! I wanted to knit that lady a dulan right away-- (which may be a cool idea for fixing it...) -- ah, how the mind works.

Anyway-- Just finished listening to the CMP 50th episode-- wow! It was so cool. I loved it in fact! :0)

Camden is at school today-- I'm working on reorganizing my computer cabinet in my bedroom-- that houses our DVDs and (somehow) became a dumping ground for everything you can imagine. So, this time, I took a "before" photo and I will take an "after" photo once it is done. It is _almost_ done... but it got really hot upstairs so I came downstairs to start on laundry (mount everest is upon me again!) -- and I haven't made my way back up to finish... but I will... so, if you like to see organized spaces, check back for a "before and after" post.

Now, I shall go and fold laundry, reload the washer and dryer, and watch Sylvia (the story of Sylvia Plath starring Gweneth Paltrow)-- which I rented from the library and haven't had a chance to get through yet!

Oh, and Mary asked me to post photos of the creative space/harry potter closet--- and I will--- just as soon as I get the shelf hung and all of my scrapbooking stuff organized on the shelf! :)))) Don't worry, it's COMING! :))))))))))

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Amy said...

No one commented on this question about sketches?!?! I'm surprised. I didn't when I read last week because I've already given you my spiel on this. I'm back now to say though that that's such a cool painted mural on that building. Wow. Neat.