Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stolen Starbucks, Scones & Scone Cones

First... How cool is this Paul Cardew tray?:

Scone trays are cool, but scone trays about tea parties? Cooler. BUT Scone trays about tea parties and Alice? Grand! I have been eyeing it for quite some time, and it went on sale, so I finally bought it. (And of course it can be used for cookies or muffins, etc, too... but it's length is just Purrrrrfect for stacking scones... (which is _exactly_ what I did... , read on!)

...and what is a tray without something to fill it?:

So, I just *had* to make blueberry scones tonight. Oh and lemon scones, too:

...and then the taste test to see which ones came out better. They both were great!

So, then, I had to make 'scone cones' so we could GIVE AWAY the scones... because... in all reality, it's a *small* tray... so I only needed a few scones to fill it... and I made two batches, so I have a few to give away. (smile).

I've successfully done three days of self-portraits, which was this week's CMP prompt. What have I learned from them? I've learned that I need to do my hair and wear make up EVERYDAY! LOL!

In other news... the kid stole my Starbucks today!!!!!!

(you know you read this entire thing just to see what the "stolen starbucks" was all about...)

..and I'm _in love_ with the tray. I want to add the teapot, someday... when it's on sale!! LOL! Check out the punctualiTEA pot... perfect for an English Teacher! LOL! -- and you gotta love his sewing machine tea pot.. ! :)


Mary said...

I want that tray! It's the cutest thing, really. And I've never even made scones -- but I would if I had that tray. LOL! Your little thief is adorable. Mine stole her brother's Java Chip Frap last week and made the biggest mess in her car seat.

hsing3kinder said...

Very cute! I love the scone cones!

marti said...

The scone give away was a great idea! I love that tray, it is very cute. The self portrait prompt inspired me to cut my bangs, and I am so glad I did!

maria said...

Would you be willing to share your scone recipes or point me in the direction of a tried and true recipe?

Thanks, and I love your podcast!

Jessica Chapman said...

Hi Maria-- I've tried to contact you and I can't seem to get through on the blog link that you left here. I'd love to share the recipes with you!!! Email me at SunnyNole@gmail.com, OK! If I don't hear from you in a few days, I'll go ahead and put the recipes on my website! :) Thanks for listening.

Amy said...

That is one adorable scone tray, for sure, and the scones look yummy - and amazing all wrapped up. Just too cute. Love the self-portraits, too!