Monday, July 09, 2007

Halfway There: Episode 5- Lucky Sevens
*Recap of my Fort Lauderdale Trip, complete with talk about my drive with Grandma, a bathing suit situation, SAFE problems, and the many joys of traveling with a 16-month old.
*New Give-Aways-- Lucky Sevens Package! Write me at with the assignment for yours!!!
*Podsafe Music--
-Liberty Jones by The Shakes (first selection)
-What You're Wishing For by Adrienne Pierce (second selection)
-Halfway There by Katy Pfaffl (intro and breaks)
(Keep listening to the end for a treat-- we sent this "missing you" message to Grandmommy and Granddaddy after our trip was over.)

*added later............. so yes, I was in a hurry when posting this show and didn't listen to it all the way through.............. there is a long pause before the song "liberty jones" plays, so you'll have to ffwd. SORRY!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Pivec said...

Those scone recipes look wonderful, Jessica. I think I'm going to have to try one... or both! :)

BTW, I love your new Flickr avatar! Just beautiful! :)

Amy said...

Loved the show! Congrats on the new bathroom, too. What a guy!

Stephanie said...

That's awesome, Jess!!! My new weight loss plan is pregnancy... LOL! Hope we can get together soon! xoxoxo

kritty said...

a car and a bathroom that is lucky, lucky! Fun show.

Kacy said...

Great show! Sounds like you & Camden had fun :) cool are those weight loss prizes??!?!! AweSOmE!