Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Halfway There: Episode 6- Summertime is Family Time.

Alright gals-- it should be at iTunes now. I know, took me three DAYS to figure out the glitch (it's been recorded since Monday!)

Halfway There: Episode 6- Summertime Is Family Time!
*Family Reunion
*My sister is back!
*Weight Loss Talk
*Been there, done that
*A Jergens Lotion Mistake...
*Treadmill Trax- A Playlist from Me to You!
*Floor Sample by Julia Cameron- A Creative Memoir
*Great Podsafe Music from the Podsafe Music Network!
-Halfway There by Katy Pfaffl (intro and outro)
-There is the Sun (from the album Stray) by Derek James
-Just What I Needed by Jan Linder-Koda (dedicated to all my Mommy friends!)

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think I'm not quite done... didn't have quite enough car time today... but wanted to pop in and say that I got quite a kick out of the lotion story. AND... I've seen photos of you... you can't possibly lose 60 pounds! I'd be moving that red washer higher in the list ;)