Friday, July 27, 2007

Halfway There: Episode 8- Family Recipes

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Halfway There: Episode 8- Family Recipes
Family Recipe Talk:
*Julia Child and "The Way To Cook"
*Food evokes childhood memories
*Meals as a symbol of sharing, and caring
*Collecting, recording and passing on family recipes
*Fattening Family Recipes & Dieting / Ideas on how to make it work.
*SASE's-- and collecting HANDWRITTEN family recipes
*Scrapbooking family recipes
*Recipe photography
*Nicole's girls and their "cooking nights"
*Cooking with Camden

Book Recommendations:
Rachel Ray-- all!
Paula Deen-- all!
Adriana Trigiani - "Cooking with My Sisters: 100-years of family recipes.."

Podsafe Music:
FOOD - Deirdre Flint
RECIPE - Ben Willmott

Contacting Me:
1. We will rock you contest!
2. Family recipe swap!

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