Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mail and a Potty.

We had an ordinary, stay-at-home-do-nothing-but-hang-out-with-each-other-kinda Saturday. It was ordinary and normal and refreshing. We've been traveling the last few weekends so it was nice to spend a day At Home. Resting. Together.

My day ended in excitement, though! MANY things happened at the close of my day! First, I checked the mail... and look!

My French Toast Girl print came in!!!

I was so excited to see it that I sat right there in the car next to the mailbox and opened it. And I admired it, and I touched it, and I (almost) drooled on it. LOL! I LOVE it and I CAN'T WAIT to get it framed and HUNG!

Then, I went out and bought Camden a potty! LOL! Read more about that (if you are interested...)here. (It is kinda funny!) LOL! :)

So... a simple day turned into an awesome day, with a simple piece of mail and a potty! :)

Oh, and I need to mention that I picked up some AMAZING fabrics that I plan to use for some projects. So stay tuned here and at Etsy.

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Mary said...

What an exciting day! Love the print. Have you picked out a hangin' spot?