Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Morning of Sewing

Curtains 003, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

...this morning, I made these!!! New curtains for my kitchen window. I had been shopping for curtains for months and haven't found anything that, A) went with the starbucks green color that we painted our kitchen, B) went with the decor of the rest of the house, and C) was not cheesy-run-of-the-mill-kitchen-curtainy-themed-patterns. So, I found a line a target that I liked. I bought the placemats, and LOVED the pattern.... (I even included the pattern in my inspiration grid for the CMP prompt from Episode 44. They were just placemats though, and I was not able to find a pattern that I liked that was similar... nor did I ever find any curtains. SO, I had the bright idea to buy the matching cloth napkins and MAKE my own curtains! It was super-duper easy, since cloth napkins are already hemmed all the way around! I bought four napkins, sewed two together for one side, two together for the other side.... and pressed them. Then, I folded down the tops, careful to measure so that each side would be equal, and I sewed a spot for the curtain rod, leaving a little fabric at the top for the ruffle. Took me MAYBE 30-mins... and that's because I had a silly 17 month old "helping". But, they look lovely, and I am proud! :)


Mary said...

You should be proud -- those look great!

artgirl said...

Fantastic work! And I love the fabric.