Friday, July 20, 2007

Stamp Carving Tools, and a backwards J

So... I aquired all of the tools necessary in order to carve stamps. I set to work, thinking I could do it, easy. It wasn't easy, but it was fun! (If you know anything about stamping, you know my "J" came out backwards when stamped.) LOL! Lots of mistakes but fun anyway.


kritty said...

I've never carved on the pink erasers... I usually use a gummy kind, i think they are called gummy erasers. If you stamp your backwards J into sculpey you'd have a J mold ;)

Mary said...

You craft girl, you. Making your own stamps! I have not done that forever and quickly gave up since I was pretty sure I am far too clumsy to have sharp things that close to my fingers.

Rescue your J by cutting diagonal stripes and making candy canes. :)

Kacy said...

Too cool! Never even realized that stamps were made of eraser-like material.
Love Mary's idea of turning the backwards J into candy canes!