Monday, August 06, 2007

Cottage Style

Cottage Style
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Had to go to school today. Got a call, important stuff had to be done. I said I would come in Tuesday, and as I sat there, decided to go ahead and get it over with so I could enjoy the rest of my week off... (read: clean, organize, get ready for the school year!) ---- So, I went to school. I got said projects done and delegated the administrative work. Had lunch with my hubby, and then.... went shopping! I had to go to Macy's and Dillards to hunt for the best deal on my husband's cologne, and while I was out, I found the most beautiful quilt and sham set, and new sheets! We really needed new sheets. These are 500 thread count and soooooooo comfy. I washed them as SOON as I got home! The quilt sort of brings together my 'cottage' look that I'm going for in our bedroom. We already had these shabby chic pillows and the matching bedspread. The bedspread is now folded at the bottom of the bed. Looks great to me.

Then, I showed Joe. He said "it doesn't match". I was like THAT'S THE POINT. He said he didn't really like it. Then I cried. Because I love it.

Then I took out my 'cottage style' magazine and SHOWED him photos of cottage style. He said 'well, I come from the old-school look... you know, blue bed, blue pillows, blue sheets. blue. blah. whatever. He doesn't REALLY care, but I always take his opinion into account because this IS his room. Although, after my sister painted her room pink, I WANTED a pink room. I would go over to her house and just sit on her bed, looking longingly at the walls and sighing. She thought I was crazy, but I LOVE her pink room. We're going to do a greenish-blueish I think. Still. Not. Sure.

Tomorrow, I will clean. I will rearrange the bedroom. I will do laundry. I will (hopefully) podcast. ...and tonight, I'm going to sleep all cozy in my cottage bed and if Joe does not like it, there's a twin-bed down stairs with sock monkey sheets and a baseball quilt that he's welcome to.


Amy said...

Men! Dragging out mags/books to show him photos was a good idea! I hope they were comfy to sleep in.

kacy said...

Hahaha. I LOVE the cottage look :) have fun sleeping on your new comfy sheets.

Mikey said...

Have you been to the counter at Lord & Taylor? I went there the other day to buy a certain cologne but the sales person convinced me to buy something else, and I loved it so much more. It's a great store!

Jessica Chapman said...

Mikey-- I haven't... we don't have a Lord&Taylor in our area... booh! Well, anyway, thanks for the tip, and when I get to Fort Lauderdale I'll check it out. Hey, by the way, who are you? LOL!