Friday, August 03, 2007

Date Nights Become Date Days

FridayNight@home 001, originally uploaded by SunnyNole. date "nights" are not a reality when my sisters are out of town. Because, quite frankly, we don't trust anyone other than family to keep our little bundle of joy (or) the rugrat (pet name depending on the day)... So, today, we had a date "day".

Joe got off work early -- I picked him up at noon...and this is what we did!
*Ate at Chilis-- he a burger, me a fajita pita (or a pajita fita, as he so hilariously ordered for me when I forgot what I had said I wanted.)
*Went shopping -because the new shoes I chose to wear were hurting SO bad-- me, being a reef and croc girl, regular shoes feel like torture chambers.
*Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum -- (yes, it was outstanding.)
*Went together to pick up our little one... then back to get the other car, then home.
*Joe fed Camden.
*I made coffee.
*We played w/ Camden.
*Then, put on our favorite PJs, put Camden to bed, and, the rest, history! (I am pictured above in the most comfy set of TH pj's in the WORLD. I have them in pink too. I love them.)

Celebrations: Joe got a new "position" at work and will now be working in an utmost-important building. We are excited.

I'm re-reading The Nanny Diaries. I saw it at Publix yesterday and scooped it up. I read it awhile back when it first came out, around the time that I WAS a Nanny... LOL! (Oh, how much I thought I knew then about raising children. I was way cocky, I thought I was perfect, and that I knew everything.) WRONG!!!!!!! (Mothering is harder than young people think!) HOWEVER, The Nanny Diaries is a good read.

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