Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's been awhile...

and now I'm humming that song in my head.

But it really has been awhile. I've posted here and there but nothing really meaty. (That sound really gross, but you get the gist.)

Where have I been? Oh, just working. And working. And working. And working.

You see, our school has this curse-- we cannot hold on to an administrator. The turnover rate on our administrators is AMAZING... and of course, each time a new administrator comes in, so do a new set of rules and strategies, and new visions! I've always been a stickler for everything, so I'm pretty on top of my game and organized... so the new principal hasn't hit me as hard as it has hit others. Last year, I left at a 'reasonable' time each day and my car was maybe the fifth car left in the parking lot, counting the custodians. This year, I am leaving -- still at a 'reasonable' time (two hours after school gets out)-- and the parking lot is still FULL. I love it! People are actually doing what they are supposed to! Awesome!

I've been teaching "showing" writing. (Show, don't tell)... and I wonder about my own writing and my blogging and how blogging is like journaling and where the creative portion comes in. Sometimes I'm lucky just to get something typed up. However, I DO need to practice what I preach.

I've suprisingly kept up with my laundry and my house is spic and span, because I've been doing a little bit so that I don't overwhelm myself. I've also been cooking each night.

But-- my creative time has suffered. I drew during the sketch crawl, but that's really all that I have produced so far. I have planned my CMP Journey ATC but haven't started it yet, and I'm getting down to crunch time. It's on my list of things to do tomorrow. And I should have done it already. But August snuck up on me. BUT IT WILL GET DONE TOMORROW. That's one thing I've promised myself. To stay in the loop with the CMP group and the ATC exchanges. If I do nothing else, I WILL do that card -- I DO have time for a card a month.

Well that's about it for now. To everyone out there, I've been reading your blogs, just haven't had time to comment... but I do have time to peek in while reading email in the morning. (Which I heard was the biggest no-no of them all.)


Rachel H. (burb_mama) said...

This is a common struggle of mine - where one area of my life will get in order (house or work or creativity) and something else suffers. It's that constant struggle for moms, I think. I think your idea of keeping up with CMP and the ATC exchanges is great. I'm impressed you're doing so much already! I used to be a teacher, and holy smokes - that is a lot of work. Good for you! Sounds like you are doing amazing things! :)

Mary said...

I think it's pretty common for one area to lag when you have so much on your plate. My housekeeping is usually the most likely area to suffer since I don't find it very fun or fulfilling. Although I do find the finished product to help me gain better focus.