Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kitchen Talk

FridayNight@home 005, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Isn't this so pretty? I saw it in a magazine. Home Companion, I think. I really want to make aprons. I've seen so many cool patterns lately. I have one vintage apron that I wear sometimes. Love it. Hubby loves it too--because if I have it on, that means I'm making something elaborate. However, this apron reminds me of my mom. Her kitchen is decorated in strawberries. She likes strawberries (obviously), and so went with that theme. Then, of course everyone bought her strawberry stuff, and she's now overloaded... LOL! (sort of like the coffee theme took over my kitchen!)...

I'm in the process of phasing out the coffee theme in my kitchen. Keeping the green, put downplaying the novelty elements. Moving all of those to one wall and focusing more on color. I made some excellent curtains last weekend, and then I hung my French Toast Girl print in the kitchen, too. So, this forced me to make a decision as to what I should do with the coffee elements. I've decided to devote one wall to those. But first, we must get rid of a hideous fish tank that we have. Anyone want fish? We have good ones, that refuse to die! LOL! :)

Ok, my little one is at the bottom of the stairs calling "MAMAMA", (probably cause his daddy told him to)... so I guess that's my cue to be DONE!


Rachel H. (burb_mama) said...

That's awesome! I love aprons, too. I have a pattern waiting in my drawer that I can't wait to make (it will have to wait until the kids are back in school). But if you love aprons, check out Tie One On and it's corresponding Flickr group - great inspiration!

Amy said...

Cool. It's a funny thing how popular aprons are. No one I've ever known has ever worn an apron! Can't wait to see the kitchen transformation!

karen blados said...

just caught up on some of your posts and i gotta say i love reading your blog. my kids are a little older -- which i suppose means i'm older than you -- but i feel like we have a lot in common. hate to say it, but it makes me feel better to read about another woman trying to find the balance between being a wife/mom/coworker and creative.

you're doing great ... keep it up.

Mrs. Pivec said...

I love aprons, too, Jessica and have a number of them. For cooking, though, I prefer to wear the full-length ones. I have some of the short ones too, but I'm not sure what they're really for! I don't usually need "lap protection!" :)

I was a nanny too!