Thursday, August 02, 2007

Up to?

What have I been up to? Whether you care or not, I need to write it down, to clear the brain, and make myself feel better. Summer is coming to a close and I'm feeling stressed, I hear the "mission impossible" tune playing in my mind as I try to (quickly) wrap up projects and get things done before my life becomes even more hectic with an ACTUAL JOB thrown in the mix!

So, today, a list-- in no particular order:

*At school yesterday, getting a head start on plans for the year.
*Preparing fabrics for a special project for my team of teacher friends this year.
*Cleaning my house... yes, that's what I'm doing today. Not fun, but I DO have podcasts to listen to... so there's a yay in with that boo.
*Going on "the great hunt" for library books around the house that were due YESTERDAY! (Yes, we missed our library day this past week. Why? I can't remember. But. It was a good reason, I'm sure.)
*Conquering Mt. Laundry. (Yes, my load-a-day fell to the wayside this week, and my boys go through laundry like they go through food: quick and furiously.)
*At school tomorrow with lots on the brain.
*Movie tomorrow afternoon with Joe (the only time we GET to watch movies, because of the rugrat we live with.) LOL!
*Pondering a book-cover scheme for someone special.
Yes. That's not all, but I'm running out of memory.
And I do have a list (or two) around here.


Amy said...

Uh-oh, I hear big back to school blues. Yikes. But, you'll have a whole new crop of shining faces... As for the list(s)... having them makes me feel better.

cheryl said...

busy bee! I love lists. Where would we be without them?!?

artgirl said...

It's so sweet that you're making something for your teacher friends. They are very lucky to have such a friend.
If you are a little blue over returning to school remember:
Plenty of sleep, a little comfort food, a funny movie, and chocolate milk! That nips the blues for me... Oh and a pair of new shoes. That's only when I really need a pick me up though.