Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yawn. Stretch. Yawn.

Yawn. Stretch. Yawn.
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Yes, this is about how I feel today. I'm tired. Joe and Camden went out of town to take Uncle Dan (Joe's brother) back home... and they are going to spend the weekend with him. It was implied that I come along, too, but I decided to request to stay back, to stay home. (I haven't been home alone since Camden was born!... I've been "away" alone, but not HOME alone.) And.. it's dangerous. I'm tired, because I've been cleaning out closets. My bedroom closet is SO ORGANIZED... even by color shoe and by designer handbag. Yes. I could be doing something else with my time, but I've always wanted a nice, neat organized closet, so that's what I did today. All day.

Then, I went to Blockbuster, and to Publix for some goodies. I just watched Because I Said So with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! Being one of three girls, I could totally relate and yes, we do have the helicopter mother, too. (Although she tends to hover over the middle child more-so than me and the Peanut.) ...anyway... yeah.

I'm having fun. Although I do miss my boys!!!

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Mrs. Pivec said...

Darling photo, Jessica. When are we going to get to see pics of the new closets?