Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out of town...

Barber Shop Faces
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Just returned from a weekend out of town. A lot to say, but my back is aching from sewing, and its a little after nine and I really wanted to watch the new episode of Cold Case. I'm tired. But, I wanted to post this photo... we took Camden for a haircut this weekend at an old-fashioned barber shop... An older woman gave him a nice little boy haircut... but I just love this face. So cute :) Not sure what's going on with my camera... it's taking grainy photos lately, but still, this face...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shabby Chic Snuggli Scarf

Shabby Chic Snuggli Scarf 003, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

I made this scarf tonight for my MIL for her birthday. I used the kid's scarf tutorial from sew, mama, sew!, and just modified the sizing to fit an adult. She has red hair so I'm sure this color scheme will look great for winter. The floral print is a soft warm flannel. It feels sooo good against your neck!!! It was just what I needed while watching "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. The perfect project to get me back into the "sewing" mood, too! Now, I gotta go clean up!!! LOL!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Means the Holidays are C O M I N G!!!!

Snow Days!, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Fall means the holidays are coming! And. They. Are.
This was us, many years ago, before marriage, before Camden. Me, my mom, my two sisters and Joe.

And the reason I bring this up is because there is a chill in the air in the morning, and it's beginning to feel like the holidays are just around the corner. I'm super excited!

...and so is my MOM... bless her heart. She cracks me the hell up, too. Here's an email that we got from her... yesterday....

Disclaimer: I have not added anything to this email to make it better. She REALLY writes this way. To us. And yes, we laugh at her.

Email sent to: Me, My 2 Sisters, My husband, My dad.

Hello Everyone!

I have been busy this weekend making our plans for our CHRISTMAS VACATION!!

Here goes:

As Leslie and Christina will come home after their exams, they will be home a week before we leave. On late afternoon, Friday, December 21st, Dad, Mom, Leslie and Christina will drive to (CITY)and spend the night. On Saturday, December 22nd, Joe, Jessica and Camden will arrive at Grandma Hawthorne's house as early as possible so we can start out on our 6 hour drive to Chatsworth, GA where we will stay one night in a 3 bedroom cabin at the following:

The next morning we will get up and have a southern style breakfast at the lodge (check out the breakfast on the website under restaurant). Room check out is around 11:00AM. We will then embark on our journey to our cabin in Tennessee, which will take approximately 3 hours.

As you can see, the big travel day will be on Saturday, but Sunday will not be so bad. I will bring our walkie talkies so that we can talk to each other from car to car. We need to start as early as possible on Saturday as the lodge is on top of a "small" mountain in Georgia.

Our cabin rental is from Sunday, December 23rd - checking out on Saturday morning, December 29th. Our cabin is on Cove Mountain Road off Hwy. 441 between Pigon Forge and Gatlinburg. It's close to the very first cabin that we stayed in years ago (the A-frame on King Branch Road), only it's on the other side of the road.

For Christmas Day, (Santa will certainly visit on Christmas Eve) and we plan to have Christmas dinner at the Apple Barn (reservations will be made). I am looking into the possibility of an afternoon hayride sometime during the week.

We will have a wonderful time and Dad and I are looking forward to spending Christmas with all of you!

95 days and counting down.


Dad and Mom

And my reply?
Dear Mom,
This is hilarious. If your bank job gets any more hectic, I'm sure you'd excel at becoming a travel brochure writer. What, with things like "embark on our journey"... and "southern style breakfast"... and all the references? Wow. We can't wait! :)


September23 017
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Thanks for the laughs.

And that's what it's all about.
Hokey Pokey.

Recap of today:
Work. More Work. Testing tomorrow. Lots of birthdays coming up for nearby family. Out of town this weekend. Next, mom and dad will be visiting. Spent the evening working on a special project for mom's birthday. Tomorrow night, I'm getting out the sewing machine for the other birthday projects. We've got Joe's mom, my mom, and Joe's Pop all at once. I have a few ideas in mind and hope I can get some things cranked out tomorrow.

Also mulling over my next podcast. I'm going to be interviewing "Talulah". More to come.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes.... We Are Weird!

September23 018
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Sometimes we get bored. This is our remedy. We laughed for hours over this batch. Cheryl wanted to see the photos that I mentioned in an earlier post this week. I thought about it... and why hesitate? Life is fun... we SHOULD share these photos. *As noted in my earlier post this week, I was drinking red juice... hence the crazy mouth. And yes my eyebrows are all outta whack, and yes I have no bra on... LOL! And yes... we are (a little) weird. A bag full of weird up in here.

Disclaimer: There was no alcohol involved in the creation of this photo. We act like this normally. Thank you.

Make A Wish :)

Make A Wish :), originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

We saw this rainbow yesterday evening on the way to a party. It was over the pond, and of course Joe stopped and said "well get out and take a picture!"... I was so happy that I had my camera. It was a complete rainbow, completely visable. Unfortunately, I couldn't get far back enough to get the whole thing, but this certainly was a cool shot. :)

Sweet Serenity

Sweet Serenity, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This, my friends was not posed. A real-life moment of father and son bonding... on the couch, after naptime. :)

Gilmore Girls Video... So Cute! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cool Mornings Lately... :)

Sunset. Sept. 15th.
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Cool mornings lately, and I love it. It makes me want to get up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch before I have to scramble around to get my day started. I'd love to enjoy a few moments in my PJ's with Camden, but that's just not possible. I HAVE to be dressed by the time I wake him up, or I won't be able to concentrate on getting dressed. BUT, I will figure out a way to get the coffee on and enjoy some outside on the porch before I have to wake him up. Maybe. Hopefully. He's been waking up each morning to the sound of me filling the coffee pot up. He is such a light sleeper by morning.

So, the other night, Joe and I sat and took photos of ourselves. Totally outrageously crazy silly photos. I was in my "Life is Good Peanut Butter and Jelly" shirt, except mine is yellow... and I had on my favorite pink paisley PJ pants. Joe was in his PJ's too. We both had red lips from the Crystal Light Fruit punch packets that we used in our water bottles. (That stuff is delicious... tastes like the old fashioned red kool-aid!) We had so much fun though, and the photos came out hilarious. But... I don't think I'll be posting them. I know, I'm boring, aren't I?

Well, it's 8.26 and I'm off to find something on TV. I need some downtime. :) Working on knitting a scarf from some beautiful yarn that I (hopefully) will finish by winter :).

J.C. :)

Halfway There: Episode 11- Walking the Tightrope of Life

Halfway There: Episode 11- Walking the Tightrope of Life

Discussion of "balance" in life, and a favorite quote.

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women- book by Gail McMeekin.

Ramblings on how I'm "balancing".

How YOU can begin to balance!

Send me your feedback on how YOU balance for discussion in an upcoming show:

Awful Karaoke moments with my sisters.

Baby talk...

Have a great week!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sketch-Sept-15, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

A Fairy Home. :)

A Fairy Home. :), originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Artist Trading Card

Original Size is 2.5x3.5
This is one of my most favorite "signs"... I have always loved the little duck that is "different"....and the mama duck's mouth is open so you KNOW she's yelling at him... LOL :)

Smiley in a Tree Stump... Made my day :)

Nice Matters :)

Mary has tagged me for the nice matters award. Thanks, Mary! I really appreciate it! :)
You are quite the nice one too.. and I'm THRILLED with the mermaid fabric, STILL! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Love, Stargirl

I love you stargirl, originally uploaded by misstuesday.

Currently listening to "Love, Stargirl" on iPod. I accidentally said "on tape" to my husband... LOL... it was actually on CD, now, on POD :) LOL!!!!!

I'm happy that it's the weekend. I promise to be more happy and positive.

Go read Stargirl this weekend. Then get Love, Stargirl the sequel.

You will be so happy you did.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rollercoasters: Only fun when EMOTION is not involved.

superman escape, originally uploaded by SpacePotato.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

Rollercoasters are awesome, but emotional rollercoasters suck. That's what I've been on lately. One event, then another, then another, then another. Meetings. Lectures. Feelings. Sadness. Fear. Overwhelming thoughts of "what if's". Strange situations. Uncomfortable situations. No support. Very little support. Too much support. All. At. Once.

What I once felt was a calling now seems like a sentence. I adore what I do but don't think I can take the things that surround what I do. The changes. The demands. The inappropriateness of some things.

And I hate how I feel. I am working my butt off and I feel like a fleck of dirt on the floor. My students adore me, their parents are happy, I write a mean lesson plan and give killer powerpoint presentations full of creativity and insight each day. We do group work activities, read, write, listen to classical music, and dive deep into our subject area. I get kids to write, and to love writing. I get the boys to put down the video game controllers and pick up books. I have at least ten parents each year that write me this very sentence: "[student name] hated school before. I never could get him to get up in the morning to go. Now, he loves school and is upset when he has to miss a day." .... pages and pages of emails that I've saved tell this very thing.

And if all of this is so magical and so wonderful, why do I have this sick feeling in the pitt of my stomach and this sinking feeling in my heart? Why do I feel like others are treating me like I'm not an accomplished teacher and like I'm not doing a good enough job?

Yes. It's been an emotional rollercoaster. Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm so so so glad. Time to rest. TIme to think. Time to regroup.

Testing Out Some Combos

HP Motif?
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Just testing out some combos for a Harry Potter Motif bookcover. -- A custom order request, but still playing with ideas.

Creative Blogger Award

Karen Blados awarded me with this Creative Blogger Award... and I feel so incredibly honored! Wow!! Thanks Karen!!!

So, I have to pass it on to others!!
I have so many people that I would love to award this to, and most of them read my blog... so I'm just going to give a blanket award to "everyone"... I love the bloggy world, I really do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Halfway There: Episode 10- I'm Back!

HalfwayTherePodcastPostcard, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Halfway There: Episode 10- I'm Back!
Welcome... I'm glad to be back!
Opening discussion of "why" I've been gone.
A day off... to rest... and play... and rest.
A big boy room brings me to tears.
Claudine Hellmuth on the Martha show!
Plans for "my day".
And more.
Podsafe Music: "Halfway There" By Katy Pfaffl

Monday, September 10, 2007

Me- 1985

Swinging! - Jessica 1985
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No bills. No troubles. And my only job was to be a fun and creative kid. Yes... wishing for that again!!! Plus... look at how thin I was...!!! (I know you're laughing now!)

An random things update:
Joe is not home. He had games tonight and I haven't seen him since I left at 6.45 this morning. He is going to be exausted this evening when he gets here. Luckily, I have dinner waiting on him and I've taken care of all of the chores-- except taking out the garbage... that will ALWAYS be his job.

An emergency light came on in my car this morning on the way to work. It was bright red and looked like this: ( ! ) - who knew that in Lexus-Speak that means "add air to your tires". I thought I was about to blow up or something. Everything about cars freaks me out.... we had a spell with a VW Jetta that was a LEMON and it broke down on us too many times to count, and ALWAYS had a problem. Luckily, I finally got rid of it (back to the DEALER not to some poor soul that would need those problems... I believe in good Karma!!!) I think my panic stems from that. Maybe.

Camden just started crying and stirring in his bed (I heard it on the baby monitor that we're finally using because he's in his own room now...) ...and he was crying in his _sleep_ saying "mama". Maybe he's sad about being at daycare? Maybe he misses me? I miss him too.

Tonight we had to go to Walgreens to pick up our photos. Since it was a quick trip and a small store, I let Camden walk in while holding my hand. We ended up picking out a Halloween Bucket and choosing all sorts of candy to fill it. He chose M&Ms (of course!)...and Candy Corn... that he called "CORN"... LOL too funny.

The parent of the student that did "the unthinkable" in my classroom has written me, the principal, and the assistant principal asking if her child can come back to our program. We have already exited him verbally and he is suspended for 10-days with an expulsion pending. He won't be back. But... sometimes these things work out strangely. I'm pretty nervous about the outcome. I have an entire group of parents that all say if he comes back they will remove their child. I agree with them, and I would do the same. The learning enviornment is supposed to be peaceful. What's peaceful if even the teacher is a little-bit afraid after this incident?

Which leads me back to this photograph... oh, longing for the simpler days.

I have Wednesday off. It's a mental health day combined with a "get work done around the house day", combined with "that's the only day the landscaping guy could give us an estimate", combined with "claudine hellmuth is going to be on the martha stewart show and I don't have Tivo"... so a lot already planned. It's gonna be a good day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


9-9-07-sketch-Wined-Down, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Got a new sketchbook... Hoping that it will give me a little more freedom. Spiral-bound so I can be a little more free-form and tear out a page if it does not work out... lol.

This was my first sketch in the book. I can tell that I am "out of practice"... but it felt good....

Pitt Artist Pens and Kids Watercolors... I have NO IDEA where mine are... probably somewhere in the depths of the craft closet that I have YET to re-organize.

The Completed Moon.

The Completed Moon., originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

The stars border the room all the way around in varying sizes.
We chose this theme because Camden is obsessed with the moon at this time in his life... :)

Another glimpse of our weekend project

Almost done!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A glimpse of our weekend project

....painting stars.... and a big moon-- on the wall!!! It's been fun, refreshing... not only for beautification purposes... but for the soul. Of course, in a kids room... these things are 'allowed'. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Violence and Jesus

A violent act occured in my classroom today, right before my very eyes. It was not a fight, or "just a fight", Lord knows I've broken up many-a fight... that does not scare me at all.... but this was a scary event. I cannot go into detail here, I don't know who reads this and it's not information that I can give out. But it happened. No one was hurt (thank, God!), but had it not been handled quickly, someone may have been hurt.

Then, somone (a parent of one of my students, actually) sent me this video from God Tube. It was exactly what I needed after a day like today.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thanks. I needed that.

Sept2 004
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
Love ME and her art. I need a cup of kindness right about now. Bad mood strikes again! LOL! Long day today and an evening of relaxing is ahead. Long day and night tomorrow... then there's Friday and then the WEEKEND... woot-woot!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Retail Therapy, a'la Tommy

Retail Therapy, a'la Tommy, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Sometimes I just need it. It's really something that helps. Here are the top ten things I buy when I'm not particularly happy -- or going through a rough time, like the "back to school blues" that I'm having now.

(the first five have been witheld to protect the innocent...)

5. Blankets-- like quilts or throw blankets.
4. Sheets (a new TH set, shown in photo. I couldn't resist! The pink, the green, the flamingos! who COULD resist?)
3. Lingere- I go for comfy first, then pretty... nuff said.
2. Cool PJ pants- They just make me happy.
1. Books....

See a pattern here? I've just figured it out myself. Everything that you need for a nice hide out. Yes. Planning a hide out. LOL :)

Stargirl :)

I love the book Stargirl. It's a young adult book, but it's one that I think everyone should read.
Love, Stargirl has come out... and it's in HER VOICE! I'm SO excited, and I'm re-reading Stargirl so I can go and get Love, Stargirl from the bookstore :0)!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

An oldie but a goodie.

BeautifulBoy-1, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

An older photo. But a favorite. I took a stroll through flickr the other day and can't believe how BIG Camden has gotten. This photo was taken almost a year ago! Wow! And I'm mad at myself because I haven't done anything like this in a long time.... Once he started getting difficult, my little 'holiday photo shoots' went out the door! I've told Joe that I'm going to bring them back, though. I'm thinking a back to school card. He's got the CUTEST backpack for daycare. I've gotta do something.

My mom and dad left this morning. They stayed with my sisters, (who live in the same neighborhood as we do in an investment property that my dad owns... they are lucky... having a nice house-beats renting an apartment!)... anyway, my parents came over this morning so my dad could help Joe move Camden's furniture into his newly painted big-boy room. They came over about nine. So of course I was up furiously cleaning. The baseboards. The nooks and crannies. My parents are clean freaks. Even more than I. And I'm sure they thought my house was a mess. ... . ... even though it was pretty clean... it's hard to be 'spotless' with a child!

So, Camden is down for his nap and Joe is downstairs working on arranging the furniture and cleaning out the closet in Cam's new big-boy room. I'm so lucky to have a man that does a lot around the house-- he used to be 'afraid' of house projects and house repairs, but for someone with a 140 IQ, he's smart enough to figure out just about anything. I'm impressed. The painting looks so professional. And if it wasn't for the vaulted ceilings in the rest of our house, he probably could paint the rest of our house. BUT it's a little TOO HIGH for him to reach, even on a ladder. Pedro, my dad's painter, is going to have to come up from South Florida to do it. Not until December, but we're so excited... now for a color............. that's the hard part. Yay for Pedro, though :).

Photos of the room coming soon.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Camden's Big Boy Room is almost done!-- Daddy's Been Painting!

Daddy's been painting! The paint on the wall is wet which is why it shines and looks uneven. It's almost done :0)!

Heading to dinner... an Update!

Camden Polo
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
Grandmommy and Granddaddy are in town. We went to Outback last night. Camden was surprisingly good. He wore my favorite shirt of his-- a teal polo. The color is just so vibrant! And he wears it so well :).

So, many of you asked what was going on. Well-- everyone falls into a rut sometimes and I just HATE working all week and then doing house chores all weekend. Seems like there is no time to rest, or do anything fun. It's a never-ending cycle. And my husband and I go back and forth about who does what and when. I'm the one who's always keeping a running comparative list in my head. Truth is, he does a lot-- most of it surrounding Camden though. So, whereas I take care of things in the house, he takes care of Camden so that I can take care of things in the house. By the end of the week, we are tired. We are ready to just 'do nothing' and the weekend starts, and bam, we have a huge list of things to do. It just gets irritating. I want to enjoy the weekend and our house, and most of our time is spent keeping it 'up'. I'm a clean freak, and that makes it really hard when you have a little boy-- I'm sure some of you can relate.

This weekend, we are painting Camden's downstairs playroom a LOVELY blue, and we are turning it into his bedroom. He has been occupying a small room upstairs and we're ready for some privacy. We're talking about another baby and that's not going to happen with no privacy... LOL! So, that's what we've been doing.

Pictures of the room to come....

Thanks to everyone who inquired as to what was the matter. I wanted to sit and write out a long post that day but was too mad and irritated, and of course I knew it would all be over the next morning. ...and it almost was... and now it's pretty much over.