Sunday, September 09, 2007


9-9-07-sketch-Wined-Down, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Got a new sketchbook... Hoping that it will give me a little more freedom. Spiral-bound so I can be a little more free-form and tear out a page if it does not work out... lol.

This was my first sketch in the book. I can tell that I am "out of practice"... but it felt good....

Pitt Artist Pens and Kids Watercolors... I have NO IDEA where mine are... probably somewhere in the depths of the craft closet that I have YET to re-organize.


Mary said...

What a nice piece to start off your new sketchbook. I think it's liberating to be able to remove something that's not working, instead of having to live with it.

artgirlATL said...

Wonderful job. THis is beautiful.