Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Halfway There: Episode 10- I'm Back!

HalfwayTherePodcastPostcard, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Halfway There: Episode 10- I'm Back!
Welcome... I'm glad to be back!
Opening discussion of "why" I've been gone.
A day off... to rest... and play... and rest.
A big boy room brings me to tears.
Claudine Hellmuth on the Martha show!
Plans for "my day".
And more.
Podsafe Music: "Halfway There" By Katy Pfaffl


karen blados said...

I'm going to listen while I work, but just wanted to let you know I passed on a "Creative Blogger" award to you. Check it out via the link to my site.

Maria said...

Yeah, I'm excited! I'll download tonight and try to listen this weekend.

cheryl said...

I am off to listen while I sew...

artgirlATL said...

Yippy!!!!!!! You're back!