Monday, September 24, 2007


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Thanks for the laughs.

And that's what it's all about.
Hokey Pokey.

Recap of today:
Work. More Work. Testing tomorrow. Lots of birthdays coming up for nearby family. Out of town this weekend. Next, mom and dad will be visiting. Spent the evening working on a special project for mom's birthday. Tomorrow night, I'm getting out the sewing machine for the other birthday projects. We've got Joe's mom, my mom, and Joe's Pop all at once. I have a few ideas in mind and hope I can get some things cranked out tomorrow.

Also mulling over my next podcast. I'm going to be interviewing "Talulah". More to come.

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Maria said...

How fun that you're getting all crafty. I've been checking out the sewing machines in the Target ads but I absolutely cannot add another hobby until I finish my master's degree. I have a roomful of scrapbook supplies to use up first.

But I saw some gorgeous Dick and Jane fabric today at the craft store. I was wondering what I could use it for if I really did know how to sew. LOL

Hope you share pics of your projects when you can!