Monday, September 10, 2007

Me- 1985

Swinging! - Jessica 1985
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No bills. No troubles. And my only job was to be a fun and creative kid. Yes... wishing for that again!!! Plus... look at how thin I was...!!! (I know you're laughing now!)

An random things update:
Joe is not home. He had games tonight and I haven't seen him since I left at 6.45 this morning. He is going to be exausted this evening when he gets here. Luckily, I have dinner waiting on him and I've taken care of all of the chores-- except taking out the garbage... that will ALWAYS be his job.

An emergency light came on in my car this morning on the way to work. It was bright red and looked like this: ( ! ) - who knew that in Lexus-Speak that means "add air to your tires". I thought I was about to blow up or something. Everything about cars freaks me out.... we had a spell with a VW Jetta that was a LEMON and it broke down on us too many times to count, and ALWAYS had a problem. Luckily, I finally got rid of it (back to the DEALER not to some poor soul that would need those problems... I believe in good Karma!!!) I think my panic stems from that. Maybe.

Camden just started crying and stirring in his bed (I heard it on the baby monitor that we're finally using because he's in his own room now...) ...and he was crying in his _sleep_ saying "mama". Maybe he's sad about being at daycare? Maybe he misses me? I miss him too.

Tonight we had to go to Walgreens to pick up our photos. Since it was a quick trip and a small store, I let Camden walk in while holding my hand. We ended up picking out a Halloween Bucket and choosing all sorts of candy to fill it. He chose M&Ms (of course!)...and Candy Corn... that he called "CORN"... LOL too funny.

The parent of the student that did "the unthinkable" in my classroom has written me, the principal, and the assistant principal asking if her child can come back to our program. We have already exited him verbally and he is suspended for 10-days with an expulsion pending. He won't be back. But... sometimes these things work out strangely. I'm pretty nervous about the outcome. I have an entire group of parents that all say if he comes back they will remove their child. I agree with them, and I would do the same. The learning enviornment is supposed to be peaceful. What's peaceful if even the teacher is a little-bit afraid after this incident?

Which leads me back to this photograph... oh, longing for the simpler days.

I have Wednesday off. It's a mental health day combined with a "get work done around the house day", combined with "that's the only day the landscaping guy could give us an estimate", combined with "claudine hellmuth is going to be on the martha stewart show and I don't have Tivo"... so a lot already planned. It's gonna be a good day.


cheryl said...

I didn't know she was gonna be on Martha! Thanks for the tip. I will tivo it - seriously, once you Tivo you can never go back. never. And how cute were you??? Still are! And I don't know what happened in your class but it makes me glad I can homeschool. :-)

Mary said...

Good grief! I feel so old now! In 1985, I was in high school. And look at you -- all baby faced and, well, pretty much a baby.

Hope you get lots done Wednesday!

Kacy said...

Ok, that picture is ADORABLE!!! You're so cute :)

Still wondering about this "incident".....sounds scary.

artgirlATL said...

You and your class are in my prayers. And may I say I hope all my daughters teachers are as caring and devoted as you!
Love the fun picture. I really get the simpler times wish. I got out some of my old toys for my girls this weekend. I'll have to find a picture to share with you of me the same year.

karen blados said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time at school. I give anyone willing to be a teacher a lot of credit and applause. I was a resident assistant in college and that cured me of any urge to do anything remotely like teaching. Plus, my mom's worked in my former high school as a secretary for the last 28 years and I've heard enough horror stories from her.

I hope everything works out so that the best decision is made for all of the students and yourself.

marti said...

that is a great picture of you! i find myself yearning for simpler days as well...