Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Retail Therapy, a'la Tommy

Retail Therapy, a'la Tommy, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Sometimes I just need it. It's really something that helps. Here are the top ten things I buy when I'm not particularly happy -- or going through a rough time, like the "back to school blues" that I'm having now.

(the first five have been witheld to protect the innocent...)

5. Blankets-- like quilts or throw blankets.
4. Sheets (a new TH set, shown in photo. I couldn't resist! The pink, the green, the flamingos! who COULD resist?)
3. Lingere- I go for comfy first, then pretty... nuff said.
2. Cool PJ pants- They just make me happy.
1. Books....

See a pattern here? I've just figured it out myself. Everything that you need for a nice hide out. Yes. Planning a hide out. LOL :)


Amy said...

Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy - and, a hideout sounds good, too!

artgirlATL said...

You stold my therapy list! Just teasing but a good magazine and new pjs is exactly what I go for when I'm down. Don't forget the chocolate milk!

hsing3kinder said...

Oh I am all about retail therapy. Sheets~ awesome.
LOVE the hide out!!